PAX: Kingsford, Tiny Dancer, Obi-Wan, Crab Cakes, Macanudo, Tardy, Cadbury, Barn Door

Q: Barn Door

8 PAX arrived at the Flags and heard the Core principles, Mission, and disclaimer. I tried to keep them on their toes by reciting the core principles out of order (I think I still covered all of them!) There was a little confusion when we heard some loud Indian music being played from a neighboring house. We stayed right here in the parking lot to jump into Warm-a-rama which consisted of 15 IC each: SSH, Tappy Tap, Imperial Walkers, and Cherry Pickers

We partnered up, with a single coupon for each pair, and rifle carried the coupon around the park. We passed off the coupon as necessary to our partners. We completed 4 stops along the path around the park to complete some exercises with and without our coupons. Partner 1 completed the coupon exercise while Partner 2 completed the non-coupon exercise AMRAP until Partner 1 was done. Partners then flap jacked the exercises.
Stop one:

  • Coupon: 30 Curls
  • Non-Coupon: Flutter Kicks

Stop two:

  • Coupon: 30 Squats
  • Non-Coupon: Diamond Merkins

Stop three:

  • Coupon: 25 Overhead press
  • Non-Coupon: Lunges

Stop four:

  • Coupon: 25 Coupon Swings
  • Non-Coupon: Freddy Mercuries

“Omaha” was called so we could mosey up to Labyrinth and partake in the flag pass shenanigans!

The start of our mosey was taken off course a little bit as we were approached by a gentleman trying to find the meaning of life. Actually he was confused why people work out and here was his thoughts. We all work to make money to buy food, we then eat the food, then exercise to burn off the food. In essence burning off money?  

While we waiting a few minutes for Labyrith PAX to get back we completed 6MOM:

  • 15 Gas Pumpers
  • 15 Low Dollys
  • 1 round of Rancid style American Hammers


  • Sharknado VQ at Rabbithole
  • Oscar VQ at Fancy Feast


  • Praise for Pete Steffensmeier heading back home.
  • Praise for Baby Dax going home also.

Circle of Trust: Someday is not a day of the week. You can’t have your goals and desires in life be measured by someday. Set your goals with concrete deadlines to make progress.
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the only “Days” that should be in your vocabulary.
Escobar led us out in prayer.


Barn Door

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