PAX: (42) Oompa, Tin Cup (Respect), Escobar, Kickstand, Mufasa, Cradle, Doppler, Old Spice, Steeple, Swiper, Scoober, Patty Mayo, Griswold, Singlet, Patchy Adams, Hard Hat, Peg Leg, Taxman, Wait Time (Respect), Rowdy, Lansberry, T-ball, Plague, G-String, Schrute, Bubbles, Chowder, Chicklets (Respect), Billboard, Vandelay (Respect), Khakis (Respect), Little House, Speed Square, Truly, Strangle Hold, Ralphie, Blades of Glory, Bayside, Baby Shoes, Gator, Pit Stop (YHC), and…. Your Site Q – Ozark (Respect) A wet, foggy 67-degree, 98% humidity morning with no breeze, nothing but the sweat on our brows.  The Pre-runners showed up in full force at 4:55 am with 15+ HIMs pre running knowing this is a running AO, these men decided to wear out their soles.  Mumble chatter was in the crowd as they wondered why Coupons had been stacked up and ready for use for a running AO.  Many PAX asked YHC why we had coupons.  There was a perplexed look on these HIMs as they questioned the new site Q’s decision to bring coupons.  At 5:30, YHC welcomes the 42 PAX to the Flag Pass of The Labyrinth.  Then covers the mission statement, core principles, and disclaimer.  No FNGs.  Let’s Mosey

YHC coordinates with Ozark to start the Mosey.  As the Mosey begins YHC picks up a coupon to head to the far end of the parking lot to begin warm a-rama.  Ozark confronts YHC with a questioning regard asking why I am carrying a coupon and begins to hand YHC the Labyrinth rules!  

YHC puts down the coupon and reads some of the rules aloud.

Do’s                                               Don’ts

Always pick up the six              Bring Coupons

Stretch before running             Burpees

Bring an extra Shirt 

Bring Toilet Paper                       ………. Well you get the point!

YHC proceeds to leave the coupon and display his coveted TP stash for the run! Ozark led the PAX in Warm-A-Rama, getting our legs prepared for the long road ahead.  Side Straddle Hops, Right and Left leg stretches and so forth…  thus completing Warm-A-Rama

For the Thang Ozark then takes the PAX north up the street to begin our string of pearls meandering through the neighborhood.  First round about encountered provides a great spot for us to stop and YHC calls out to Baby Shoes to lead us in a round of 25 Carolina Dry Docks, after Baby Shoes finishes his count YHC yells out 20 more Carolina Dry Docks on my down!!!!  There was hesitation at first but the PAX got back down to complete their first stop in this string of pearls.

We continue northeast, the sky opens up as we begin to see the sunrise as we descend to find the neighborhood’s homage.  We follow Grover Street over the dam and catch the path to the grassy knoll (YHC starts running onto the wet grass as it soaks his shoes and ponders his initial thoughts on entering the grassy areas) at the NE corner of the lake where the PAX circle up.  After picking up the six, YHC calls out to Taxman to lead a round of 30 Air Squats. Mosey

We then head south on the trail around the lake with our wet shoes but spirits are high!  Ozark leads the PAX past the Murph playground where several HIMs pre Murphed.  YHC had a tribute idea to have the PAX replicate Ozark’s launch Q and do some planks in at the corner of F st.  Ozark called out Wait Time, Gator, Baby Shoes, Hard Hat, Speed Square and T-ball for 10 counts of planks. Mosey

The PAX continued west along F street until we reached the guard rails where we stopped for dips.  YHC asked Patchy Adams to lead a set of 40 dips. Mosey PAX find their way up Atlas Hill sweaty, tired but enjoying the mumble chatter as they make their way back to the shovel flags. As is our credo YHC, Ozark and the other PAX members turned back to pick up the six, while noticing or fellow PAX members from the Maize getting in some core workouts.

A group of people standing in a circle holding a flag

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Prayers, Announcements, and a special Nugent Flag pass occurred.  YHC was humbled to hear Khaki’s words as he passed the Nugent Flag to Plague who had EH’d him. YHC was nervous, humbled, sweaty and tired yet full of energy as these HIM circled around him and Ozark. YHC attempted Name -o-Rama but when it came time to finish he hit the stop recording button and had to add back in YHC and Ozark.  COT: YHC-Journey with F3 thanking the HIMs for all the love and support.  Ozark COT on what it has meant to carry the Labyrinth flag since its launch. Thanks to my Shield Lock.  Escobar who EH’d YHC, Rowdy, Yogi, Bayside, Skidz, OT, Mulch and Supe.  Thanks to the West O guys, District and Sarpy guys and everyone in between. 

 From OZARK at the launch!  Much Respect!!

So why “Labyrinth”?  Some ask me if it’s because it’s difficult for Mufasa to spell.  And, while that’s both true and a variable for me when choosing a name, it’s not the entire story.   A labyrinth is similar to, but differs from, a Maze.  The difference is that labyrinths are a single, continuous path which leads to the center, and as long as you keep moving forward, you will find the center eventually. Mazes have multiple entrances and paths which branch off, providing multiple dead ends and exits and will not necessarily lead you to the center.  Why is that important? Finding Your Center – It’s what F3 is about.  F3 can take you out of life’s maze and put you into life’s labyrinth, which is a path destined to find your center.  As long as you keep moving forward.  Sometimes you’ll sense you’re closer to the center, sometimes you’ll feel as though you’ve moved further out, maybe to the periphery.  But, with F3 and its map of life’s labyrinth, you can continue with confidence that someday, you’ll find your center.  You’ll find the man you’re supposed to be.  Then, unlike a maze where you must remember your path back, you simply turn about and move forward again.  You can recount the wins and struggles along the way, recognizing those for what they are and how they formed you into the HIM you are.  When you exit the labyrinth, which is the same way you entered, i.e.- in your own skin, you enter the world a changed man.  And the world needs you as that changed man.  And the men of F3 are here to support you.  Wherever you are on this journey. 

Finally, YHC’s vision for the site is not only F1 opportunities (which will include lots of running, but will also include F2 opportunities. 

Thank you for the opportunity to lead. Escobar took us out in prayer. Peace out – Pit Stop  

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