Stinson Park AO | 79 degrees with a storm brewing

PAX: Woody (R), Caruso (Rx2), Asian Zing (Rx2), Pigpen, Dollface (R), Vanilla Ice, Hobbes, Spacebar, Rambo, Folsom

Q: Bloodshot

Famous last words in the gloom “I think we can get our workout in before the rain” were discussed and decided upon before stating F3s mission, 5 core principles, disclaimer, and credo. PAX ran a warmup lap around the park before warmarama.


SSH x 12 IC

Windmills x 12 IC

Tappy taps x 12 IC

Big Ones x 12 IC

The Thang

Tabata workout with 30 seconds of AMRAP lifts and 10 seconds of rest. We completed a circuit of 6-7 exercises and repeated, then ran a lap around the obelisk before the next.

Round 1

Arnold Press



Tricep Extension

Lateral raises

Carolina Dry Docks

Rinse and repeat, then run.

Round 2

Bent over rows

Big boy sit-ups

Bent over flys

Dying Cyclone

Renegade Rows

Flutter kicks

Upright rows

Rinse and repeat, then run

Chest Press

Kettlebell swing


Reverse Lunges


Close grip chest press

Goblet squats

Rinse and repeat, then run


Low dolly x 10

Rosalita x 10

Heals to heaven x10

Rancid American hammers


Sky Q has a way of getting my attention.

I am scared of raising a teenager.

I can tell the subtle changes : shorter answers to open questions, less engagement and listening, more influence by friends than by me.

Arguing with little brother/sister. More talk back and less communication.

It feels like it happened overnight in the month of June. Like most things in life, I’m just not ready for it. Very much like todays downpour, you knew it was coming, but it just downpoured.

Last night my M and 2.0 and I stayed up late to figure out how to get back on track.

…and then I remember that although 1989 was a while ago, my parents might have advice. I’m not alone. There are great men in this circle that were recently there. A very abbreviated but thankful cot and prayers to sky Q were shared before we were drenched carrying our weights.


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