Date:  15 June 2023

AO:  The Maize – Copperfield Park, Omaha, NE

Weather:  beautiful

PAX (8):  Obi-Wan, Tardy, Yodel, Kryptonite, T-Party, Billboard, Sgt Pencil, Stripes

FNG’s (1):  Stuart Hoffman (Woodpecker)

QIC: Stripes

YHC arrived to the AO at 0453. While en route, I received a message from Obi saying nature had called, and he had to return home to answer the call so wouldn’t be there for the prerun which was no sweat. T-Party and I were the lone Maize prerunners and we were joined by Chowda and Gator from Labyrinth. We got in 3-ish miles and made it back to the flags in time for me to grab my speaker and kick things off at 0530. I welcomed the PAX, stated the three F’s, mission statement, five core principles, credo, disclaimer, and asked if there were any FNG’s. There was one FNG, Stuart Hoffman, who would later be named Woodpecker. Then we went straight into the warm-o-rama followed by the pre-thang and thang on the basketball court.


Big Ones (10)

Tappy Taps (10)

Cherry Pickers (10)

Sun gods (10 forward/10 reverse)

Seal Claps (10)

Motivator (10 descending to 1)


Ladders – We started at the baseline and used the free throw line, halfcourt line, far free throw line, and endline and did 5 burpees every time we returned to the baseline. PAX who finished planked until the six came in. We repeated the drill with 10 alternating shoulder taps in place of the burpees. Then repeated a third time with 10 Bobby Hurleys.


Black Jack 21s – Merkins and LBC’s. Pax started at the baseline and did 20 merkins then ran to the endline and did one LBC then ran back to the baseline and did 19 merkins then ran back to the endline and did two LBCs and so on and so forth until Omaha was called at 0605. We returned to the flags and completed two rounds of American Hammers rancid-style, name-o-rama, named the FNG, announcements, prayers, and finished with the COT.

Prayer Requests and Announcements 

  • Announcements:  Heartland Hope, Freed to bleed
  • Prayer requests:  T-Party’s M (Julie) for medical tests

COT – Father’s Day/Positive Habit Transfer

My COT revolved around the Q-Source discussion of Positive Habit Transfer which Is defined as engraining advantageous tendencies in others. I talked about how bad habits are easy to slip into, but hard to break while positive habits are hard to develop, but easy to slip out of. With Father’s Day a few days away, I reiterated that a HIM will gain influence through the exercise of his own positive habits; but to live right, he must transfer those habits to the younger generation, especially our 2.0’s.



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