AO – The Battlefield July 13, 2023   Humid; 70 or so   Q:  Stella   PAX: Q-Tip, Safe Ride, Penny Marsha, Dirty Bird, Life Touch, Suds, Invictus, Rambo, Samples, Full Nelson, Super Tasty, Smash Mount, Black Lung, Honey Made, Roll Bar, Folsom, Tight Lip, Rosetta, Tom Tom, Stella.    5:30 AM – YHC welcome the PAX and reviewed the 5 Core Principles, Credo and gave disclaimer.  We started out with mosey up the parking lot, ran along the top of the football field and down William Street for Warm-A-Ram.  Going down the hill was intentional to taunt the PAX about what might come next.  For Warm-A-Rama circled up in the parking lot at the base of William Street.  We did the following:   Warm-A-Rama  

  • SSH
  • Tappy Taps
  • Big Ones
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Dirty Dogs
  • Box Cutters

Pre-Thang:  We ran up William Street twice and at the top we did jump squats and merkins at the bottom.  We did this twice and it kept the heat rate up high.   Thang: We went to the base of the hill for the tack and field area.  Grass was tall, wet and bugs as usually.  The main beatdown was a 2 man grinder. This was a complete total number together.  One partner did the exercise and the other ran up the hill and then took over.  Did this until 50 – Hand Release Merkins

  • 50 – Burpees
  • 50 –  Makhtar N’Diaye
  • 75 – Carolina Dry Docks
  • 75 IC – Alt Shoulder Taps
  • 75 – Bobbie Hurley’s 
  • 100 – Air Squats
  • 100 LBCs

  Omaha called around 6:02 am and we took a mosey back to the shovel flags for 6MOM.   Another PAX (named Tight Lip) commented recently that YHC seems to always call out Box Cutters when called up.  I did not want disappoint, so we did a few rounds of box cutters for mary today.  Started out at 45 seconds, then 30s and dropped down by 10 seconds each time for a cadence count.    We then did announcements and prayer requests which were noted.  Praise that baby Dax is at home now.  Tota’s COT was about a Get to Do List versus a To Do List.  I was ready a book recently and this topic came up (book is the Daily Stoic).  This mindset really helps to create a positive attitude when you characterize that you get to play with your kids, get to do something for work, get to work out in the morning, get to couch your kid’s team versus having to do these things.  I have been trying to implement this shift in mindset and would encourage you to try it.  

Aye -Stella

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