Date:  5-2-23 

Weather:  39 F, feels like 34 F with light breeze (ridiculous for early May, time for summer) 

27 PAX:  Escobar, Picasso, Cutting Edge, Sweet Sweet, Goldberg, Crowdsource, Hard Hat, Kickstand, DaKine, Crocs, Griswold, Tax Man, Lincoln Logs (Respect x 2), Lite Bright, Bambi, Peg Leg, Vlassic (Respect), Switchfoot, Space Monkey, Copperfield, Smurf Turf, My space, Tin Man, Pit Stop, Overtime, Holy Hammer, T-ball 

Q: T-Ball  

YHC arrived to the darkest AO in the country to find Hard Hat and Griswold waiting to join me on a nice 4.5 mile mosey.  We had some great mumble chatter and arrived back at the flags to find 27 PAX in total awaiting the beatdown.  The PAX gathered heard YHC state the F3 Core principles, Mission statement, Motto, and Credo, as well as exercise disclaimer.   We had NO FNGs  

Warm-o-rama:  PAX proceeded to mosey to the boat dock for WOR, where we completed 10 Big Ones, 20 Tappy Taps, 10 each of Merkin square (regular, Werkins, Diamond Merkins, Ranger Merkins), followed by 10 Imperial Walkers IC and 10 Sun Gods IC.  PAX then proceeded to bottom of the trail hill for the Pre-Thang 

Pre-Thang:  PAX paired up with a partner and one partner proceeded to run to the top of the hill to complete an exercise, followed by running back down to push their partner.  Partner at the bottom of the hill worked through a list of exercises and partner would start at the top of the list when they came back down.   

Top of Hill: (20 each)- Groiners, WWI Big Boys, Mountain Climbers IC, Werkins, Carolina Dry Docks, and Air Squats 

Bottom of Hill:  (20 each, going through each exercise until pushed)-Merkins, Frozen Freddys IC, Alternating Lunges IC, Flutter Kicks IC, Jump Tucks, Chinooks, LBC’s, Knerkins, SSH, Heels to Heaven, Burpees, Low Dollys   

The Thang:  Pre Thang was completed until 5:50pm, at which time the PAX proceeded back up to the mid portion of the dam.  PAX stayed with their partner and had list of exercises to complete at the bottom of the hill, while their partner ran up the hill, completed 5 burpees (or 20 merkins or 20 air squats) and then ran back down to push their partner.   

Partner at the bottom was completing exercises AMRAP until pushed:  Monkey Humpers, Sumo Squats, Plank Hold, Bonnie Blairs, LBC’s, Apollo Onos, Box Cutters, Werkins, Heel Touches, and Johnny Dramas.  R&R.   

Omaha was called at 6:03 and PAX moseyed back to the flags for 6 MOM with 2 rounds of U-Call-Its (Box Cutters and Scissor Kicks) x 15 reps each and round of American Hammers 


Prayers for Kickstand’s brother Matt who is going to undergo surgery. Encouraged PAX to participate in May pushup challenge (300/day for every day in May), Pop up at Iditarod (Russell middle school 172nd and Q) on Thursday 5/11 with planned launch 5/18 (Boji is site Q). Continued prayers for Vlassic’s son Tyler who will be moving and transitioning to new phase of his life. 

Circle of Trust: 

With the summer season heating up, more opportunities to get out into the gloom and more PAX/FNGs posting, it goes without saying that the benefit all of us can provide is that of our time, our friendship and our willingness to befriend new PAX.   We can accomplish this by running with someone we don’t know as well, posting at other AOs, and taking part in other 2nd and 3rd F opportunities.  I have had the chance to hit quite a few AOs as a site Q swap throughout this last year and forget how many guys I miss, haven’t seen in awhile and how many great conversations/connections I’ve built by getting out of my comfort zone.  I encourage you all to do the same and if you are struggling with stagnation, this is a great way to push forward to the next level that F3 has to offer us all.  YHC led us out in prayer. 

BTW, Wild Kingdom coffeteria was really good, but no slot machines in site. Catamount still has the edge! 


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