MAY 2 Fun dip F3 Sanitarium Tuesday

5:30 am Opening

5 core principles, Mission statement, Credo

5:33 am Warm-O-Rama

Mosey to the football field, circle up, 10 Moroccan Night clubs, 10 Tappy Taps, 10 Side straddle hops. 

5:35 am The Thang

We are going to play “BURPEE Ultimate Football” 

-Every turnover everyone on the field participates in 2 burpees before play can continue

-Each time a team scores, the losing team performs a progressive number of that exercise (Dealers choice).  The first score is 5, the second is 10, next is 15 and so on.  

The score ended in a 6 to 5 win for the good guys.  Players of the game are: offense was KOA and defense was Tenacious D. 

OMAHA 6:08 am: 

Sarpy Slammers to finish

COT:  The Carrot Principle book that outlines communication and business management through thoughtful “Recognition”.  I challenged the PAC’s to look for clever ways to recognize our inter circle with our families and with our extended circle with our work and friends.  Finding ways to deliver meaningful recognition is the number one way to show appreciation and create long lasting relationships.

Beatdown PAC’s: Mortar, Fun Dip, Tenacious D, KOA, Knobs, Busser, Dozer, Lady bug, Shocker, Rooney, Mortar, Big Rig, Ray Ban, Chernobyll, Mufasa, Bayside, Baby Shark, Amadus, Truck Stop, Beans, Amadeus.

FNGs: 0



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