The Trident:

Tuesday, May 9th, 2023

61 degrees, light breeze, clear skies, bright moon  

PAX- Speed Bump, Kielbasa, Wait Time, Tuna Fish, Rainman, Convoy, Slow Pitch, Tube Socks, Merch, Khakis, Paddles, Flanagan, Vandelay, Chiclets, Big One, Saul, Super Tasty, Wentworth, Waterboy, Ozark, Canadian Bacon, Mother Goose, Blades of Glory, Slick

Q: Roadhouse

The alarm started buzzing at 4:30 AM. I awoke with an excitement for the day. I was always amped up to Q but this was different. This was my first Q under the new Regime at the Trident. Kielbasa received the flag in April and was already leading like the man we all knew we would be. His hair flowed in the wind like that of a knight in Medieval times and he walked with a humble swagger that gave us insight into how he got his F3 nickname…

I dressed quickly, (so quickly I forgot my sleeves….) and I hopped into the car and headed out. I stopped in the Centris parking lot and dropped a couple weinkes for the Thang. We were going to grind later… On my way to the shovel flags, I drove past a group of pre-runners. What a bunch of studs!

I parked my car and decided to take a walk. I walked around the hallowed grounds and took the crisp air into my nostrils. The air flowed through my lungs and reminded me that I was alive. At 5:23 I headed to the flags and a group of PAX was starting to gather. By 5:30 there were 25 of us. The group was outstanding in everyway!

I welcomed the PAX and rolled through the five core principles. I forgot the 3 Fs and the mission. It wasn’t my best effort. I then let the group know that this morning was going to be nonstop movement. We were going to sweat!

We moseyed to the parking lot behind Renaissance and circled up for Warm-a-rama.


SSH’s 20 IC

High Knees 10 IC

Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Sun Gods 10 each way

Box Cutters 15

Rosalitas 15


After WAR, we headed to the parking garage ramp. We were going to do this one together. We would jog down the ramp and do 10 Merkins. Then back up the ramp for 10 more merkins. Rinse and repeat until I tell us to stop. I told the PAX that we do this as one and if one of us wanted to sprint ahead and show off, they could either a) plank until we get there or b) eat a dick!

And then together we ran! We merkined. We ran and we merkined. We also laughed a lot. The brotherhood was in full effect this morning. Then we were done. Now it was time for the Thang. We moseyed down to the Centris lot and circled up.

We counted off into groups of three and got loose for a 3 man grinder. At one end of the parking lot was a list of leg exercises. At the other end it was core. The third man would run in between the two stations to release the next guy.


Core Station AMRAP:

Heels to Heaven


Starfish Crunches


Freddy Mercuries

Flutter Kicks

Big Boys

Legs Station AMRAP:


Johnny Dramas

Bonnie Blairs

Jump Squats


Copperhead Squats

Apollo Anton Ohnos

The mumblechatter was thick on this morning. I heard stories of sleep deprivation, NBA playoffs, dinner at the Jaipur, new jobs and vacations.

At 6:03, Omaha was called. We moseyed back to the flags and the beatdown was finished. We had done it and we had done it together.


There was no Mary on this day.


Selfie Rama, I called the PAX dickheads, Khakis tried to kiss me, pretty normal Tuesday…


Brick Builder in June

Speed Bump’s VQ on Saturday at the Oracle. This guy is accelerating like crazy, has lost 35 pounds and is an absolute STUD!  


Room Service and Pete


As you know, I usually put more time into my COTs then I do my workouts (as evidenced by the quality of my workouts). Last night I was thinking about what I wanted to say and what message I wanted to deliver, and all I could think about was Room Service. As many of you know, his son Pete was involved in a terrible accident on the baseball field and is in the hospital. My mind raced about how the family was doing, what could we do to help and then selfishly, about what if that was me.

Listen, we all have stressors in our lives. Work, relationships, kids, the list goes on. And those things are real. They are important to us and cause us to lose sleep and get anxious. But when something like this happens to someone you love, it gives us some perspective. Not on what is not important, but of what truly is.

Its family, Its our kids. It’s the people we love the most. Its this PAX. And I don’t know about you, but take it for granted. I don’t tell those people that I love them enough. I don’t tell them how much they mean to me. I don’t tell them how proud I am of them. And this is wake up call to do so.

So today, this week, tomorrow…. Tell those people how you feel. Tell them what they mean to you. Hold onto to them and let them know how much they mean to you. Because at the end of the day, its all that matters.

We love you Room Service and are lifting you and your family up in our hearts and our thoughts. Always pick up the six boys!

I love you guys.

Roadhouse, CLB

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