04 May 2023 / AO The Coop / Temp 49 deg, Wind 7 mph SSE
13 PAX: Daniel Son, Bobsled, Irish Car Bomb, Vanilla Ice, FNG Parsecs, Tenacious D, Taser, Bookworm, Pigpen, Lansbury, Darth Vader aka Folsom, Amadeus
QIC: Amadeus, Irish Car Bomb, Bobsled (Weeeeee)
0530 Welcome: May the Fourth be with you
Amadeus introduced the 3 Q’s of the Force. Amadeus (grey side), Bobsled (light side), Irish Car Bomb (dark side).
Everyone was welcomed to The Coop & F3 (Fitness, Fellowship & Faith) as follows:
F3 Mission, Jedi Credo, 5 Burpees
F3 Credo, Jedi Credo, 5 Burpees
F3 principle 1, Jedi principle 1, 1 Burpee
F3 principle 2, Jedi principle 2, 2 Burpees
F3 principle 3, Jedi principle 3, 3 Burpees
F3 principle 4, Jedi principle 4, 4 Burpees
F3 principle 5, Jedi principle 5, 5 Burpees

The Galaxy blessed us with an FNG!  EH by ICB, of course! SuperNerd Folsom showed up in a Darth Vader mask.  Love you Folsom.  Tenacious D showed up late, but he had 2” inseams so all is forgiven.  Amadeus reminded everyone to modify as necessary as we are not professionals.  There is a real risk of injury.  Then he threw in 3 additional burpees cause he loves them.

Aint nobody got time for that.

Aint nobody got time for that.

The Thang:
Amadeus – Mosey down to the basketball court for some Jedi Training. Group was reminded of Yoda’s planet and the challenges he put young Skywalker through. PAX were instructed to run up the hill – complete 20 merkins – run down the hill and up the stairs back down to the wall for balls to the wall for a 30 second count. Every time pax went through the basketball court they were instructed to do 10 imperial walkers. We repeated this for approximately 8 minutes.

ICB – After our mosey to the tennis courts YHC had the PAX circle up for a Death Star circle of merkins. The fist PAX member did one merkin then flipped over to their six for one WWII sit up. Then rotating counterclockwise the next PAX led 2 merkins on their down. Flipped over and 2 WWII’s on their up. We did this for the entire group of 12 PAX present.

After the Death Star merkins as a group we did a lap around the courts. We returned and repeated the same count but this time YHC had the group do a squat and push a ten pound medicine ball straight out. Then stand up and press the ten lb medicine ball overhead. Omaha was called and as a group we moved to Bobsled’s portion of the beatdown

Bobsled – 5 exercises (burpees, mountain climbers, imperial walker reverse lunges (that’s a mouthful), prisoner squats, merkins)
40 Sec AMRAP, 20 Sec rest, 2 cycles, 10 minutes.  Bobsled decided to get weird with Tenacious D on the second cycle as we did prisoner squats face to face, maintaining eye contact of course.  Whoa!!!  Roadhouse would be proud.  Farva would be jealous.

Jedi training was set to scores from the original trilogy.  We moseyed back to the shovel flags and did a little Star Wars trivia.  These nerds got 9 out of 10 trivia questions right.  The one wrong answer was to the question “Who thawed a carbonite frozen Han Solo?”  Correct answer is Leia Organa, not Princess Leia.  5 burpees.

First Friday lunch at Cunninghams, Old Mill Shopping Center at 11:30
Brick Builder June 3 at Boystown.  Get signed up
Prayer for Pig Pens nieces.

Amadeus – Let’s take a moment to talk about Yoda… what is the first quote you think of when I say Yoda?
“Do it do not, there is no try”
Here are some of my favorites…
“If no mistake you have made, losing you are, try a different game”
We should all experience failure – if helps us grow and be better.
“To be Jedi is to face the truth, and choose. Give off light, or darkness, Padawan. Be a candle, or the night.”
Choose your own path and be the person you want to be.
“Fear is the path of the dark side, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering”
Fear drives us… living in fear can push some of us over the brink.
Who hear has fears…
Does anyone want to express your fears?
We always end in a circle of trust – but what is trust?
By definition trust is “a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of something or someone”
When you stand up here the circle of trust must mean you give 100% trust or faith in the group as you express yourself.
You want to know one of my fears?  Acceptance… and the COT if you give yourself to it is the ultimate in acceptance.
I found this Yoda quote that seemed most appropriate.
“Named must your fear be before banish it you can”
Express your fears to overcome!

Bobsled – It’s never too late to turn things around.  You can change who you are, what you are, and where you are by changing what goes into your mind.  Deliberately feed your mind with good, clean, pure, powerful, positive messages.  Surround yourself with HIM.

ICB led the PAX out in prayer!

Aye!  Amadeus, Irish Car Bomb, Bobsled

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