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PAX – 23: Chippendale, Hard Hat, Gris, Kickstand, Scoober, Copperfield, Snozberry, Firebird, Rowdy, Picasso, Pitstop, Boji, Holy Hammer, OT, Kelso, Bayside, High Hat, Muffs, Urkel, Yodel, Roadhouse, Yogi, Escobar

Q: Yogi and Escobar

Today, we celebrated both Griswalds 40th Birthday and the 1 Year Anniversary of Mission Forge with a little history on the inception of Mission Forge and how the format evolved from a double Murph to Omahas home of the one and only #smurphdown. YHC and Yogi (former site Qs) felt that the PAX would be best served by offering the total experience of a double MURPH!!!

THANG – MURPH (including 3 first time Murphers)

COT: Today’s COT YHC shared a message from Uncle Jimmy Lee. One of the elders in the family from a message he shared at my great aunts funeral. The message was centered on reinforcing how language matters on impacting mindset.

The fulcrum of BUT

Be on the right side of BUT

On one side the left there is impossibility

And on the right side there is hope

For Example, consider “We keep fighting but they keep coming” or they keep fighting but…. We keep fighting.

You see, language matters. Be intentional with your words.

Be on the right side of BUT – Jimmy Lee Dawson

Announcements: Thursday is the pop up in prep of the launch of a new AO at Russell Middles School led by #HIM Boji. Apex at Mission Forge in June Q by Rowdy

Prayers: Room Service and Family

Aye: Escobar and Yogi #itstartswithus

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