The Steel Mill 4/20/23, 5:30 AM, “Negative”   **Beans VQ**

PAX: 17 Total: Shocker, Sweet Roll, Busser, G-String, Rooney, Duracell, Razzle Dazzle, Mulch, Chernopyl, Shingles, Knobs, Bobsled, Amadeus, Skids, Big Rig, Tater Tot, Q – Beans

Warmarma: 15 big ones, 10 tappy taps, 10 sun gods, 10 reverse sun gods.  Lots of Mumblechatter, so much so that I could not hear the count and only did 9 Tappy Taps.

The Thang:  We crammed 5 stations under the pavilion to hide from the rain.  Amadeus assured Bobsled it was all safe – something from the internet so I’m sure it was accurate.  Focus was on the negative movements with a slow cadence.  We worked one muscle group at each station with the exercises below and repeated until 5 minutes, then rotated.

Tricep: 8 Dips, 8 Overhead Tricep Extensions, Ranger Merkins (I called them close-grip Merkins but now I know the proper lingo – thanks Sweet Roll)

Shoulders: 4 Shoulder Extensions to front, 4 Shoulder Extensions to side, 8 Reverse Flys, 8 Upright Rows, Balls to Wall for a 30 count

Legs: 8 Goblet Squats, 8 Alternating Lunges, 8 Single Leg Squat (4 each leg)

Chest: 8 Merkins, 8 Chest Flys, 8 Dumbell Presses, 8 Werkins

Bicep: 8 Curls, 8 Bent Over Rows w/underhand grip, 8 Hammer Curls

Omaha was called and the group came together to finish with Core

30 count Plank

15 Pulse Ups

30 Second Plank

15 Thrusters/Saturday Nights

COT: The COT was a reflection on the impact the death of my father-in-law had on my M and my role in helping her find her peace.  She struggled for a long time with depression and it eventually wore its way into me, negatively affecting my attitude, energy, and actions.  I made a vow at my father-in-law’s funeral to myself to live more like he did – always thinking of others and being genuinely nice to everyone…and I was failing at that vow with his own daughter.  It was time for an adjustment in attitude and to refocus on keeping that vow to let the bad moments slide so they don’t affect the next interaction, simply being nice and bringing a little positivity, even when its hard and you don’t feel like it.  This adjustment has made a meaningful impact in my marriage and we have never been closer as a result.

In closing – a challenge was issued for everyone to find 1 person today and do something uncharacteristically nice.

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