“Routine Maintenance”

Date: April 21st, 2023

PAX: (17, My number…IYKYK….Thanks Sky Q) Amadeus, ICB, Simmons, Uncle Jesse, Bunson, G-String, Animal House, Stranglehold, Swiper, Ladybug, Girl Dad, Chestnut, Fade Away, Pork Chop, Korver, Low Flow, Farva

FNGs: None

Pre-Smurph: ICB, Pork Chop, Korver, Farva

Pre-Run: Mucho Dudes  

AO: The Bell Tower (Dong Town)

Q: Farva (Beans)

Conditions: Clear, 37 degrees F, Feels like 31 degrees F, Humidity 64%, Wind 8.6 mph from W.

At 5:15, YHC (rocking a fresh mustache and his signature shades) welcomed the PAX to the Bell Tower and recited the 5 core principles, mission statement, credo, and disclaimer. Some had made the comment that it was the quickest opening sequence in recent memory. I think I nailed it; we were going to need all the time to complete this workout.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, modify as necessary. The exercises are simply a suggestion. 

Warmarama: Mosey to the football field.

          17 SSH

          17 Cherry Pickers

          17 Imperial Walkers

Pre-Thang: Nope…. We got right to business.


          YHC choose a workout called “The Gross” because he is the Site Q at an AO at Gross high school. The workout consisted of 12 exercises with 12 reps and then running 1 Lap. The hope was to reach 12 laps. 144 reps = Gross. Multiple pax got to pick an exercise. Most PAX ended with 12 laps and 3+ miles. We had lots of modifications, but that is the beauty of this workout. Lots of variety of exercises and tons of mumblechatter. Korver choose frozen Freddy’s and this instigated a very significant bean release from Low Flow. He did not “Plug it”, so bless you sir! Stranglehold, G-String, and Simmons went all out on the last lap and had a mini race. Stranglehold finished first, but G string was not far behind. Running out of time, but still wanting to try some new Farva beans we went right into it. This version was inspired by Animal House’s favorite “Cut-A-Flip”. We did 5 Farva beans (IC) and would switch directions as we went around the circle with each PAX member counting. With 17 HIM, it was very challenging. Do Hard Things!!


Farva Beans Cut-A-Flip (IC) 5 reps per flip (alternating directions),   Sarpy Slammers


          See above for PAX present

Announcements and Prayers:

          Prayers for Korver’s Uncle Craig and his M

          Prayers for anyone in a cancer struggle

          5-year anniversary tomorrow!

          Freed to Bleed


I often struggle with change and getting out of my normal routines. Even though I know that I have previously experienced embracing new things and that it has led to good life changes. F3 being a great example of a change that has made myself an all-around better man. I experienced this again a couple weeks ago when I finally decided to switch to an outer carrier ballistic vest at work. I had the vest for about a year but keep making excuses on why I didn’t make the switch. It was hard to change a routine I had for over twenty years. But like all other big changes, eventually you adapt, see the positive, and even probably regret not making the change sooner. I challenge you to make a change that you have been putting off because of a fear of losing your comfortable routine because more than likely you know you need it.

Prayer – Farva

10-7, EOT Farva

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