4/21/23 beautiful out 41 degrees no wind.

Q: Armbar

PAX: 13-Double Dip, Karusso, Woody, Snowman, Vanilla Ice, Stella, Othello, U-Haul, TIn Cup, Smashmouth, Folsom, Samples, Armbar.


A few straggles came in late but happy to see them seeing as I was going up against the monster of Wait time and Tator Tot just down the road. Greeting is given and the morning starts with the first of many “that’s what she said.

3 F’s




Mission Statement

To plant grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of Male community leadership.

5 core principles


Open to all men

Always held outdoors

Lead in a rotating fashion

And will end in a circle of trust.

Disclaimer of not a professional is given and we mosey to station 1.

Side note I got the principles out of order but the pax is very forgiving.


Moseyu over to the Baxter Arena parking lot.

10 Goof balls IC

10 Sun gods IC

10 Moroccan Night Clubs IC

10 Chanooks IC

10 Tappy Taps IC

10 Slow Big Ones IC


Mosey back to the flags. No one for ran over crossing center so the morning is already a win.

The Thang: Don’t put the brick down.

Partner up. 1 brick per team. 1 person is going around the track while the other is doing the exercise listed AMRAP. If you put you block down then you must do 5 burpee’s as a penalty. NO ONE HAD TO!!! Great work men.

Omaha called at round 5 so every one got a mile and a good coupon workout.

Round 1-Coupon Carry

-AMRAP Merkins

Round 2-Run


Round 3-Coupon Carry

-Set back Lunges

Round 4-Run

-Goblet Squats

Round 5-Coupon Carry

-Flutter Kicks

Round 6-Run

-Coupon Big Boys

Round 7-Coupon Carry

-Carolina Dry Docks

Round 8-Run

-Overhead Push Press


Picked Double Dip to pick a core exercise for 15 reps, then skipped one guy in the circle for 12,9,6,3.

DD-15 heals to heaven

Folsom-12 Frozen Freddie’s

Tin Cup-9 Box cutters

Othello-6 Gas pumpers

Vanilla Ice-3 WW1

Announcements and Prayers

5 year anniversary tomorrow check slack for details and most importantly have your food to donate ready to go.

Congrats to all the successful second F this week.


I picked going over to Baxter because I remember a certain FNG named Rev doing this at Cornhusker. Rev was an amazing PAX member with an infectious personality much like Othello. But I haven’t seen him in 2 years, I am not saying you have to reach out to him to get him back. What I’m saying is if you ever become a REV and find its been a while since you have posted remember that there is always a flag planted tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to come back out because you will be received with open arms like you never missed a day.


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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