Beverly Hills AO | Wednesday, April 19, 2023| Hanscom Park | 5:30 AM | 59degrees 

PAX:      Sputnik, Rancid, Tin Cup, Othello, No Cry, Joe Buck, Demagorgon, Q-Tip

QIC: Q-Tip

Promptly at 5:30AM, YHC welcomed the PAX, recited the Mission, Core Principals, Disclaimer and Credo.  No FNGs today.


We started the WOR at the flags to allow late arrivers to catch up with us.  Then we moseyed up the hill to the parking lot to complete the rest of WOR. 

Michael Phelps x 20 IC/ Imperial Walkers x 20 IC/ Tappy Taps x 20 IC/20 Merkins 


PAX moseyed to the basketball court for the Pre-Thang.

6 Motivators.  A tip of the cap to Rancid for assisting with cadence.  


We then moved to the infield for the Thang.  We did 22s—20 Dips on the stone seats, mosey across the muddy infield, and climb the steep hill to one of 3 lights (each PAX could choose how high on the hill thye wanted to climb.). There they performed 2 Mountain Climbers.  Mosey back to the steps for 18 Dips.  Each round, we decremented the Dips on each round and incremented the Mountain Climbers by 2 reps each, so that we always performed 22 reps of both exercises.  We proceeded like this until “Omaha” was called at 6:05

  1. Flutter Kicks x 40 IC
  2. Air Squats x 40


We proceeded to the flags.  We did 15 reps of each PAX’ favorite core exercise.  

Gas Pumpers x 15 IC/Box Cutters x 15 IC/Bib Boys x 15/ American Hammers Rancid Style x 8 


  5 Year Anniversary on April 22.  Lots of activities are planned.  East Side Pride starts today at the Inner Rail for lunch


Rancid has a job interview this morning


I retired a couple years ago, but I have realized the most important job I ever had was during college.  I worked at a meat packing plant near my home town of Schuler during the summers and weekends.  My job was on the Kill Floor, where I was a Tripe Washer.  A tripe is the cow’s stomach, and it is filled with green, steaming shit.   The guy in line ahead of me would cut the tripe open, and I would dump the steaming shit into a large steel pit, and then use a high-powered hose to wash the remaining shit out of the trip.  Then I would hand the tripe on a hook of a nearby conveyor belt where it was taken to another room to be boxed and shipped to some unknown destination.

I think often about that job.  Today, there are a couple men who are doing that job full-time, not just as a college gig. I call those guys “men who love their families so much they will do anything tto provide for them.”   

Working as Tripe Washer taught me that there is dignity in every job when you are doing it for the right reason, and you do it well.  That’s our job as a husband and father.  We do what it takes to provide for our families.  

We finished with a prayer.


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