August 10, 2019 | AO – The Pit | Halleck Park| 78 & humid

On a perfectly soupy summer Saturday, August 10 morning 18 PAX made their way down under to lakeside at Halleck Park. There were eight total pre runners that felt confident Tater Tot’s beatdown would not be a sufficient sources of workout juice apparently. I believe our FNG (Crocs) might have thrown a line into Duck Pond prior to the beatdown (Respect!)… At 7am Tater Tot gave the intro along with asking the PAX to take a couple of deep breaths to allow themselves to be in the moment and realize how lucky we are to be out together working out. Short mosey to Goose Poop Island…

PAX: The Plague, Crawl, Gipper, Polaroid, Gunner, Crocs (FNG), Placebo, Jean Claude, Bubbles (HATE!), Fire Walker, Ponzi, T-bird, Khakis(Respect), Slow Roast, Wait Time, Biggy Smalls, Tonight Show &Tater Tot.

Short Mosey to Goose Poop Island
After a goose poop filled short mosey to the island, PAX circled up trying not to spook the many fishermen that we were lining the shore. Tater Tot as close to calling Omaha so he could join them…

Warm-a-Rama: –

Side Straddle Hop
Tappy Taps
Side to Side Stretch
Lickers (Polaroid special at the District Murph for Bruisers during the long mosey) – One leg squat with cherry pickers

The Pre-Thang 1 (Aiken Legs) – 20 air Squats, 20 Jumps Tucks, 20 Lunges (10 each leg), 20 IC Plank Jacks and then we did it again for good fun.

Eskimo – Merkin Hold 1 count up to 12 count (Thanks Wait Time…)

The Thang (Around the Pond) – PAX were split into two groups and asked to go around the lake and complete the two exercises at each cone and mosey to the next cone. When the PAX crossed paths, they would complete exercises as one group and then continue. Group 1 was instructed to continue until Omaha……That didn’t exactly happen.

Cone 1
Pickle Pushers 20 IC
Mountain climbers 20 IC

Cone 2
Speed Burpees – 12 OYO
Calf Raises – Toot Toot 25 IC

Cone 3
Tempo Werkins X 20
Red Bull Smurf Jacks 25 IC

PAX met for an intermission of core and Peter Parkers and continued

Cone 4
LBC’s 30 IC
Big Boy Sit-up 20

Cone 5
Chillcut Hold 60 count
Bobby Hurley’s X 20

Cone 6
Hand Release Merkins X 15
Monkey Humpers X 15

Group 1 completed their stations a touch before Group 2 and instead of continuing back to the first station until Omaha was called they went to Goose Poop Island. At this point Tater Tot was thrown a curveball for his spotty at best instructions. The PAX circled up with basically 12 minutes remaining for Tater Tot to shoot from the hip and this is what we did. Thanks for just going with it fellas.

10 hand release burpees
Circle up and Side shuffle back and forth
20 Air Squats
15 Merkins – took two steps in
20 Air Squates
15 Merkins – took two steps in
20 Air Squats with arms locked with PAX – Ponzi mentioned how much easier it was with the assistance of the PAX which was a perfect transition in the COT little did he know at the time. You so smart Ponzi…
30 second deep squat hold

Mary – Try to find a spot with no goose crap
Scissor Kicks – There were many different variations going on of this exercise but whatever
Heal Touches – Wait Time was called out by Ponzi for looking like he was co-Qing as he was basically in the middle of the group. Tater Tot asked Wait Time to lead and he was nice enough to do 25 IC
Dying Cockroaches – Feeling the love, Tater Tot asked Ponzi to lead
American Hammers – 60 total with the PAX splitting on and off 10/10/10….. Tater Tot tried to cut it short with 50 but the PAX just would have it… 60 were completed. Phew.

Name – a – Rama included an FNG Dustin Werth (Crocs) who apparently loves shoes more than the Little Ol’ Lady….
Announcements/Prayers –
Sign up for F3 Iron PAX Challenge which is an F3Nation-wide competition to determine the 2019 IronPax. F3 Omaha will be completing these weekly workouts on Tuesday. Register here ( as we only had 18 currently…
Serve Your Queen – PAX looking to track their weight loss and general health should sign up or reach out to TC or Tonight Show for more information – This is you against you
Continued Prayers for Waffle House and T-Claps for raising $10K but to continue to encourage the PAX to give (
Prayers were given to Lowman for a recent back injury and speedy recovery
Tater ended his COT with a reflection on the previous week while he was on vacation watching and following F3Omaha as they supported the PAX such as Waffle House and Bubbles. He told a “short” story about losing his balance on a boat and falling in the lake while. Tater Tot was not wearing a life jacket when he barrel rolled overboard and sometimes in life sh*t happens that we cannot control and will change your life in an instant. When those moments come, and they will, the PAX “Life Jacket” is there to keep you afloat and support you in ways that you might not be able to at the time. This safety net gives us the confidence to go about your life knowing that you have true friends that will pick you up and carry you to the next step whenever and wherever needed. When Ponzi mentioned that he could do air squats all day with the help of the PAX arms around him it was never truer in that moment. Live your life knowing that you have helped create a group of HIM’s that will be there for you in need.
I will always feel blessed and honored to lead these men.
Tater Tot

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