August 12, 2019 | Red Wing Murph | Aldrich Elementary AO | 72 Degrees Overcast & Extremely Humid
PAX: Tuna Fish, Strange Brew, The Curse, Honey Stinger, FDIC, Sasquash, Arm Bar and Wait Time.
QIC: Wait Time

YHC greeted the PAX on an extremely soupy morning. The rain stopped just in time for us to launch the Red Wing Murph from the shovel flag at Aldrich Elementary. Eight men heard the bell, and didn’t let a chance of rain keep them in the Fartsack.

100 Pull-ups | 200 Merkins | 300 Squats | 2.3 mile run | 15 Flutter Kicks IC | 15 Windshield Wipers IC | 20 Freddie Mercury IC | 20 American Hammer IC

Waffle House Update. Waffle House was scheduled to be released from ICU last night. He has lots of family visitors and doctors are encouraging more rest. We will postpone our visits until family gives us green light. To date, the PAX and the community have raised $10,600 for his medical expenses. Continued prayers for Waffle House and his family.

Prayer Requests.
Kids returning to school. Prayers for the families that have children starting kindergarten or at a new school. Prayers for the teachers!
FDIC’s Mom. Continued prayers for FDIC’s mom and her recovery from a stroke.
Wait Time’s Mother In Law. Prayer of praise that Wait Time’s mother in law finished radiation therapy on Friday.
Sasquash’s M and baby. Sasquash’s M is within a few weeks of her due date. Continued prayers for his M and the baby.

YHC shared a brief COT on COURAGE. This was taken from the “Daily Stoic” podcast from author Ryan Holiday (who wrote “Ego is the Enemy”). Holiday said that we must remember that courage isn’t typically about a general mindset. Instead, COURAGE is about a moment. Most courageous acts happen in less than 20 seconds. People are not brave generally, but specifically. This morning, the PAX exhibited courage during the 20 seconds immediately following the alarm going off. Rather than succumbing to the fartsack on a rainy Monday morning, those who posted had 20 seconds of courage to rise up and post at the MURPH.

So this week, find an opportunity for 20 seconds of insane courage or embarrassing bravery.” Speak up in a meeting, make a difficult request, talk to someone about a conversation that you have been avoiding. It only takes 20 seconds of courage.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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