Saturday, Jan 26, 2019 | The Oracle | Boys Town AO | 14 Degrees & Light Snow

PAX: Specimen, The Big One, Tater Tot, Khakis, Cutter, Honey Badger, Room Service, Coach K, Reba, Lemon Law, Placebo, Ponzi, Tonight Show, No Doze, Six Shooter, Saul, Waffle House, Borland, Vandalay, Grease Monkey, Selleck, Honey Stinger, The Worm and Wait Time.

QIC: Wait Time

Pax were greeted by their Sherpa, Wait Time, to embark on a climbing adventure through the Boys Town AO and its steepest hill, Everest.  After reviewing the F3 Mission Statement and disclaimer, Wait Time led PAX to the Base Camp for Warm-A-Rama.

Warm-A-Rama (Base Camp)

SSH x 20 IC | Mountain Climbers x 20 IC | Hillbillies x 15 IC | Chinook x 15 IC |             Sun Gods x 15 (each direction) IC | Annies x 15 (each arm) IC | Alabama Ass Kickers x 15 IC | Shoulder Taps x 20 IC

PAX Moseyed to Farmer’s Market Parking Lot to cross the Ladder Merkins.

Ladder Merkins x 15.  PAX ran from curb to curb and performed Ladder Merkins starting with 15 Reps.  Pax would complete 15 reps and run to opposite curb to perform 14 reps, etc.  Upon completion, Pax completed 120 Merkins.  After completing the ladder, Pax did Al Gore to the six.

Partner Carry.  Pax found a partner (size mattered!)  Each pair completed partner carry to the end of the parking lot.  Fortunately, YHC chose Reba who carried YHC the entire distance.

Bear Crawls. The PAX continued the expedition to Everest, which is located on the southernmost part of AO.  At STOP SIGN near the baseball field, Pax bear crawled to the the next intersection (approximately 40 yards).  Hopefully, gained some appreciation from the snow plow working the campus as we essentially plowed the snow off that portion of the street.

PAX moseyed across the dam to the base of Everest.  As PAX did Al Gore to the six, Ponzi requested that we do “Everest” up Everest.  He described how much he loved that routine during a workout led by Tonight Show and The Plague.  Wait Time obliged and requested the PAX thank Ponzi for the next brutal portion of the workout.

EVEREST.  Everest is the steepest hill on campus.  It is difficult to climb in the best conditions and was made more difficult by 4-5 inches of snow.  The Pax climbed Everest by completing Lunge-Squat-Lunge-Squat climb.  It was a brutal leg workout to the Summit.  Pax planked to the six.

Pax moseyed back across the dam, and did 5 burpees OYO.  Upon returning to the Farmer’s Market parking lot, Pax crossed “The Bridge of Hate.”

The Bridge of Hate is the flip side of the Tunnel of Love (shout out to Dufresne).  Pax lie on their back.  Guy at the end of the line stands up and falls back into the arms of the Pax on the ground who pass him down the line (crowd surfing style).

Initially, Pax laid side-by-side in the same direction.  That strategy failed to launch as the Pax dropped Reba.  The sherpa nearly called Omaha before Selleck intervened and adapted the strategy.  Pax realigned on the ground “zipper style” with feet pointed in the opposite direction of the guy laying next to you.  Selleck’s adaptation made the Bridge of Hate a success.  Lots of mumblechatter – Specimen sought legal advice from No Doze and Saul upon feeling slightly violated by the entire exercise.  Not sure this was covered in the disclaimer.

Upon crossing the Bridge of Hate, YHC took the Pax through one short set of CLIMB exercises:

Crab Cakes x 20 IC | Lunges (jumping) x 15 IC | Iron Cross x 12 each side IC | Mountain Climber x 25 IC | Burpee x 5 OYO


Sweat Angels (shout out to Roll Bar) x 20 IC | American Hammer x 25 IC


Wait Time shared the five leadership lessons from the Sherpa, which inform the PAX on the role of the Q.  Source: 

1. Your real job is to lead others to the top. Sherpa’s are successful by helping those around them reach their full potential.  The same is 100% true for you as a leader in your own organization.  Ironically, the more you make it about others, the more individual success you’ll enjoy.

2. Detailed planning saves lives. If your Sherpa just looked up the mountain and just said: “Let’s go”, you’d sprint in the opposite direction.  Great leaders carefully plot out each step of their attack to ensure a safe ride.

3. Expect and prepare for setbacks.  Sherpa’s routinely deal with unexpected weather, animals, obscured paths, and many other obstacles.  Rather than becoming derailed, they build contingency plans and adapt in real-time.  Do you?

4. Walk with your team.  The role of a Sherpa isn’t to lead from afar.  Instead, these leaders climb the mountain right alongside their teams.  As a result, trust is built and success is achieved.  You can’t ask your team to jump through fire unless you’re willing to do it too.

5. Become a great listener.  To reach the summit, Sherpa’s must carefully listen on many fronts.  They need to truly understand input from their team, the basecamp crew, and other hikers.  They also need to hear rapidly changing weather reports, advice from other Sherpa’s, as well as the latest advances in their field.  Are you so busy talking that you fail to listen to others?  Great leaders listen intensely and speak thoughtfully.  Quite the opposite of the typical blowhard boss.


T-claps to Folsom, who is leading a new “weights-only” workout on Wednesdays.  It will be a great workout for non-runners.  Workout will be called Heavy Metal.  Details on launch and location will be shared in the next few days.

Wait Time finished the COT with a prayer.  Special prayers for the PAX who need some extra encouragement to return to an F3 workout after being absent.

Coffeeteria followed the workout at Koffee Karma.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time


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