The Woodshed AO. Winter Quarters. 1/25/19.

On Friday, January 25 2019, 21 PAX came in record breaking fashion not only in numbers but in crippling low temps (negative whatever degrees..) Winter garage quarters on UNO’s brightest corner of campus (67th and Pacific) were in full effect but didn’t bother those few brave men that chose to do a pre-run….  Tater Tot had previously posted a picture of his planned workout should he fart sack that listed the first exercise being 1,000 burpees but did not seem to scare anyone away.    

The PAX:

OMT, The Plague, Bubbles, Honey Badger, Room Service, Honey Stinger, Khakis (Respect), Baby Grand, Folsom, FDIC, Saul, Truss, Wait Time, Six Shooter, No Doze, Lowman, Picabo, Point Break, Ponzi, Timon (FNG), Tater Tot.

QIC: Tater Tot

WARM-A-RAMA:  Backwards Indian run to the 4th level of the garage split in two groups.  If you didn’t know where your quads and thighs were prior to attempting this ridiculousness you certainly knew when you arrived to circle up for warm-a-rama.  Mubble chatter and hate was beginning early…..

First exercise is “Happy Jacks”: (5 Side Straddle Hop/3 Jump Squats) X4

Next exercise “Punch Merkins”: (5 Merkins/5 R punch/5 L punch) X4

Next exercise “Tappy Taps”

Next exercise “Tater Taps”  

Next exercise “Squating Randy’s”: (Squat position with arms to side, move up and down 12 inches 15 IC; move arms to front 15 IC)

Next exercise “Superman Cherry Pickers”: (Cherry pickers in Superman position)

THE THANG (Shoots and Ladders)  PAX counted off into groups of five and were instructed to complete workouts together at the groups best pace leaving no man behind.  Listed exercises at cone locations were set on both the fourth and first floor and PAX did a continuous circuit running from one cone to stairwell to cone to stairwell.  PAX were also greeted with EXIT exercises for each time they exited a door. The north stairwell proved to be much more difficult than its friend on the south side as the north side was going up followed by 10 burpees (which was later pulled).  This particular exit turned out to be a prolonged bleeding, merloting, resting area for Timon (FNG)……where The Plague and Tater Tot did their best to console him, keep the PAX moving through the car accident scene and staying warm. All were accomplished semi-successfully.  Timon made it to Coffeteria so he wasn’t too mad at Tater Tot, hopefully.

Cone 1 Exercises (1st floor) with partner trading cadence: After each exercise was completed PAX ran up the north tower stairwell and completed 10 Burpees after reaching the exit door on the fourth floor.  


  • (15) Diamond Merkins
  • (15) LBC (IC)
  • (15) Werkins
  • (15) Box Cutters (IC)
  • (15) Plank Jacks (IC)


Cone 2 Exercises (3rd floor) with partner trading cadence: After each exercise was completed PAX ran down the south tower stairwell and completed 10 Merkins after reaching the exit door on the first floor.


  • (15) Smurf Jacks (IC)
  • Bear Crawl to Stairwell
  • (15) Monkey Humpers (IC)
  • Lunge to Stairwell
  • (15) Jump Tucks


Omaha was called…..


First exercise “Elevated Heel Touches”

Next exercise “Dying Cockroach”

Final exercise “Ed Servais AKA Windshield Wipers”

American Hammer- Ethanol Style (each PAX called out two cadence while the group kept a total count going.   We made it through 20 PAX seamlessly and of course Tater Tot forget to finish the last set..)



After count-o-rama and nama-a-rama was complete we introduced our newest FNG Timon who was given a few extra fist bumps and pats of respect after making it through his first beatdown of hopefully many to come.  

There were quite a few announcements and prayers specifically from Folsom who talked about the gratitude and importance of the PAX reaching out to him while he was going through his foot injury and how uplifting and encouraging it was to have F3.  Tater Tot followed up by reminding PAX it isn’t always easy to say a prayer with the group but to take time out of their day to think of someone, pray for someone or reach out to someone that may need it.

The Plague talked about the continual growth of F3 and that even though we may split a few of the days into two groups that that is a positive due to our push to do more and be more and not to look at it from the standpoint that you are missing out or separating from a group.  

Tater Tot ended with the mention of the F3 book “Freed to Lead” and gave encouragement to read it as it speaks very near to not only his heart and mind but many of the PAX that show up for a beatdown on a weekly basis.  It was also mentioned that many of us are greeted by the “Sad Clown” or struggles of daily life and just because we are a part of F3, which helps push that ugly Sad Clown away, that it just doesn’t mean it is gone. We are constantly reminded that we need to work on bettering ourselves and driving forward all while asking for help when help is needed.  F3 offers a safe space to be able to express their successes and struggles that we all go through.

I feel honored to have led this group and feel fortunate to have found these men that I truly call my friends.  Until next time……


Tater Tot


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