The Maize | 2/2/23 | 20deg & Mild

AO:  The Maize

Site Q: Obi Wan

PAX: T-ball, Thor, Da kine, Vlassic, Lincoln Logs, Smelly Cat, Thomas, Kickstand, Big Unit, Wait Time, Plague, Daaaa Fridge, Unicycle, Flea, High Hat, Dr. Thunder, Butta, Barn Door, Super host, Fine Print, Mufasa, Peg Leg, Obi Wan, FNG Tardy, Chowda, Crab Cakes, FNG Scuba Steve, Boji, Bogey, Griswold.

QiC: Griswold

Showed up about 5:05am to meet my brother Kickstand to survey the landscape and run Atlas Street a couple times before the beatdown.  We went out on the field first.  I didn’t think it was going to work but I had to check.  Big Nope, too icy still.  Basketball court we go for setup.

Kickstand and I met the pre-runners at the perfect time and we got a little mumble chatter going as we grace Atlas with our presence.

5:30am: Welcomed everyone to F3 and to the Maize.  Gave the mission statement, 5 core principles, credo and disclaimer.  2 FNG’s present today.  Man was I pumped.  Then I remembered what I had planned and hoped they would come back…eek

Mosey to Basketball Court for the entire workout.

WoR: 10 IC Cherry Pickers, 10 IC Sun Gods (f&r), 10 Big Ones, 10 tappy taps, 10 imperial walkers

Stayed circled up for a few super sets.

Super Set #1: 3 rounds no rest, 15 merkins, 15 alt shoulder taps, 15 drydocks.

Super Set #2: 2 sets no rest w/coupon: 10 shoulder presses, 10 curls, 10 kb swings

Super Set #3: 2 sets no rest 10 feet together squats, 10 normal squats, 10 wide stance squats.

Thang: 4 set tabata workout.  Honestly I scrapped what I originally planned and came up with this last night.  Was hoping it would get some moans and groans.  Nobody really said much to me afterwards so I think that’s good? Anyway, 4 sets.  5 rounds in each set.  45 seconds of work. 15 seconds rest. 1 minute rest between sets.  The sets were as follows:

SET 1 w/coupon: We’re not worthy, Bench press, shoulder press, man makers, kb swings

SET 2 w/o coupon: T-Merkins, Hand release Merkins, Dry Docks, Plank, Mountain Climbers

SET 3 w/ coupon: Front Squat, Goblet Squat, Overhead Lunge, Overhead Squat, Thrusters

SET 4 w/o coupon: Gas pumpers, flutter kicks, scissors, box cutters, big boys

OMAHA on that. 

We stayed circled up for some Broga and moon butt chugs.

P&A – Lily pad new baby, polar plunge, blood drive, first Friday lunch, halfway house at the dune, butta vq, Thor D3 t-claps brother, Toto’s niece Waverly, Plague grandma passed away, prayers for lynn, prayers for law enforcement.

We also had a nugent flag passing from the godfather to the self proclaimed nicest guy in F3.  Always love seeing a nugent flag passing.

CoT:  Failure.  Failure doesn’t define you.  I failed today doing all the exercises like intended.  It’s ok it doesn’t define me. Life is a collection of peaks and valleys.  Learn to love an accept that. If everything was easy or came easy to you, you’d eventually get complacent and never push yourself.  Failure is an opportunity for growth.

Thanks for the support always

Wait Time led us out in Prayer



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