Gene Leahy Mall AO | 20 degrees/calm

PAX: Gunner, Rancid, DaVinci, Joe Buck, Honey Stinger, Flying V, E85, Touché, Slow Play(FNG), UHaul, BetaMax, Othello, Bovine, NoCry.

Q: Bloodshot

YHC welcomed PAX and stated the mission, core principles, credo, and disclaimer before heading to the amphitheater for warmarama.


SSH IC x 20

Tappy taps x 15

Big Ones x 15

Sun gods x10x2

Mountain Climbers x15


String of pearls with core exercises plus a choice merkin at each stop

Core exercises: Bruce Lee 20 reps each

Flutter kicks

Heals to heaven


Heel touch

Crunchy frog


Stops at the Capitol district, corner stops at cass, along the CHI building, ran some stairs, and back to the amphitheater for final 6MOM.

Merkins, workins, Diamond merkins, Ranger Merkins, Dry Docks, Wall sits and punches all added to the core exercises.

It was a beautiful Saturday with great 2nd F mumble chatter that continued to coffeeteria.


Thanks for pushing through the dog days of winter. Thursday book discussion just started a book titled resilient.

It talks about how through tough times, we gasp for relief. Those gasps can be filled with good or something bad. But we yearn for something.

4 winters now and having a chance every now and then to lead great men has been that gasp of relief through the cold and dark.

So find that Ruck group, prerun group, 2nd F group that gets you a gasp of relief. Because I need it as much as you.


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