Site: The Berm

Site Q: Al Borland

Conditions: 20 degrees and calm

Q: Lite-Brite

PAX: 16. TC, Back Country, House Party, Bouncer, Schnitzel, Al Borland, Motorboat, Sparty, Truly, Steeple, Old Spice, Longneck, LPC, FNG Barefoot, Greenhouse, Lite-Brite

FNG: 1 FNG – Barefoot.






5 Core Principles 


-Open to all men

-Always held outdoors

-Lead in a rotating fashion

-Ends with a COT

F3 Mission Statement 

-Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of all male community leadership


-I am not a professional, modify as necessary 

Mosey to the bball court


Sun Gods Forward (x15 IC)

Sun Gods Reverse (x15 IC)

Raise The Roofs (x15)

Cherry Pickers (x15 IC)

Moroccan Night Clubs (x15 IC)

Merkins (x15)

Tappy Taps (x15 IC)

Big One’s (x10)

Runner Stretch R (10 Count)

Runner Stretch L (10 Count)

Air Squat (x30)


Counted off into four groups of four. We had the perfect number 16 for this partner grinder.

#1 Paddy Cake Station (Push Group)

-20 Paddy Cake Partner Merkins

Push AB group

#2 AB Group (AMRAP)

Round 1 – Partner leg push downs (x10 each and switch)

Round 2 – Partner Big Boys 

Round 3 – LBC’s

Round 4 – Heel touches

Push Coupon Group

#3 Coupon Group (AMRAP)

Round 1 – Coupon Curls

Round 2 – Coupon Press

Round 3 – Coupon Swings

Round 4 – Coupon Overhead Press

Push Lower Group

#4 Lower Group (AMRAP)

Round 1 – Air Squats

Round 2 – Bobby Hurley’s 

Round 3 – Sumo Squats

Round 4 – Imperial Walkers w/ Squat



FNG Barefoot


  • Sparty’s family Steve age 50 past away
  • LPC M’s Grandfather
  • Injured PAX
  • Omaha Police Dept and all the recent activity 


  • Feb 11 Cold Plunge Toto
  • Feb 11 Heartland Hope Vandelay
  • Feb 16 Brickbuilder Scholarship at MCL
  • Nugent HOF at Bryan


I need to change the internal dialog and work on overcoming this victim mentality that the world is out to get me that I’ve had. I’ve been trying to work on this for a while. I analyze my habits and the environment I surround myself with to see what it all stems from. 

I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time worrying about the negative and need to do a better job of taking more time to focus on the positive. I don’t have an answer on when or how to change so I’m just going to talk about it because it’s on my mind. I hope I can help inspire someone that may be experiencing something similar to talk about it and come up with ideas as well.

Al Borland took us out in Prayer!

Thank you,

-LB 💡

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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