Swanson Elementary / 2023.02.02

AO: The Coop

Q : Golden Pike & Z-bo 

PAX: Almost Famous, Toadstool, Lansbury, Huffy, Tuner, Tin Cup, Oompa, Canadian Bacon, Frosty, Slow Pitch, Vandelay, Bunny Slope, Tight Lip, Sgt. Pencil, Romeo, Black Flag, Golden Pike, Z-bo

Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles.

Ran down to the basketball court.


10x Tappy Taps

10x Big Ones 

The Thang

Z-bo cued up Sonny & Cher’s “I’ve Got You Babe” then proceeded to give his intro that it’s “Groundhog Day”!

We started at the basket ball court for station #1.

Station #1: (Basketball court)

15 SSH 

15 Cherry pickers (lead by Vandelay)

Station #2: (went to the wall on the side of the school)

15 Bobby Hurleys (lead by Toadstool)

15 Monkey humpers (lead by Oompa)

15 Australian mountain climbers (lead by Black Flag)

Station #3: (Walk to the east of the court)

15 T-Merkins

15 Makthar D’Njays (lead by Frosty

We then went back to the basketball court and asked Almost Famous to give us a 10 count.

We then started the entire Thang over again with the same exact exercises, same exact locations and same exact Qs. A total of 5 loops were completed.


15x Frozen Freddies

15x gas pumpers

15x low dollies

Ended with American Hammers

Prayer requests/Announcements


– First Friday Lunch

– Blood Drive (check Slack)

– Heartland Hope volunteer opportunity Saturday (signups on F3 Omaha website)

– CSAUP January of next year 🤣

– Spike/Combine convergence on the 10th!

– Combine sponsoring Rabbit Hole this Sunday 


– Black Flag’s M getting a job

– Lansbury’s 2.0 Alex


Sometimes we get stuck in loops in our life. We can be on a good loop or a bad and self destructive loop. The point is we’re often just going through the motions. We don’t recognize we’re not really changing. However, we can do better. We just need to try and be better every day. We need to keep reaching hire. Just like Phil had to break out of his loop by being better.

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