PAX: Caruso, Woody, Snowman, Sandy Cheeks, Polaroid, E-85, Bloodshot, Vanilla Ice, Beeps, Alf, Bobsled, Ditty, Irish Car Bomb, Folsolm, Angry Note,

Q: Gunner

Weather – Clear and 18 °

0530 – Beatdown Greeting executed at exactly at the start time. Welcomed all the Pax and won them over with the announcement there would be no significant running in this beatdown.  Before getting into the business at hand, the Mission Statement and Five Core principles were stated. The Modify as Necessary Disclaimer was also expressed to everyone.  The cold was setting in so it meant to get the beatdown rolling.

Warmarama- At Mercy Street…As stated in the intro, no significant running was to occur, but we performed these exercises on the sidewalk, moseyed across Mercy St. and did 5 step ups on the knee wall.

  • 10 IC Windmills
  • 10 IC Hairy Rockettes
  • 10 IC Imperial Walkers
  • 10 Sun Gods
  • 10 Yoga Toe Taps

After Warmarama  – We gathered back onto our coupons for a little Yoga pre-thang.

First was Down Dog

Then lift One-Leg Back and held the leg for 20 count.  With the leg out we did 

  • 20 Toe Taps
  • 20 Leg Kicks
  • 20 Squats

Two times, one for each leg.

We then used the wall for some more standing one leg

Standing Leg – 20 Toe Taps

                                20 Kicks

                                20 Pulses

                                20 Hold

The Thang – With the Coupon

5 Presses : 5 Mountain Climber

10 Presses : 10 Mountain Climber

15 Presses : 15 Mountain Climber

10 Curls – Triceps

5 Back Rows : 5 Appollo Onos

10 Back Rows : 10 Appollo Onos

15 Back Rows : 15 Appollo Onos

10 Curls – Triceps

5 Up-right Rows : 5 Crab Touches

10 Up-right Rows : 10 Crab Touches

15 Up-right Rows : 15 Crab Touches

10 Curls – Triceps

5 SSH  10  Hold over head

10 SSH  20  Hold over head

15 SSH    Hold over head-Last man standing (Polaroid won)

75 Calf raises with Coupon



Nugent Scholarship

Mental Battle Meeting moved to Wednesday this week


Prayers for Tin Cup

For Cardinal and the Knoxville AO

COT – I stated the reason for the 5 intervals for the rep count on today’s exercises is based on the USS Peleliu LHA-5 that both Caruso and myself were stationed on during our time in the Marines.  The USS Peleliu has a motto of Pax Per Potens which means Peace through Power.  We are Pax and peaceful men that work everyday to strengthen our physical, mental and spiritual lives.  This motto has a tremendous connection to our F3 values.

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