Date:  1-14-23 

Weather:  23 degrees, 16 degree with windchill (winds 10-15 mph) 

13 PAX:  Peg Leg, Smores, Clark Kent, Dr. Thunder, Bear Grylls, Tonight Show, Crab Cakes, Truly, Ralphie, Ozark, Unicycle, Mr. Miyagi, T-ball 

Q: T-Ball  

YHC arrived to the flags to find Truly and Mr. Miyagi warming up and seeing Unicycle fly in at the speed of sound from his solo prerun, with other PAX rolling in right at 5:59 to get started. We began promptly at 6am and the PAX listened to YHC state the F3 Core principles, Mission statement, Motto, and Credo, as well as exercise disclaimer.  We had no FNGs today.   

Warm-o-rama: PAX proceeded to baseline of basketball court and did high knees to other end, butt kicks coming back, lateral lunges going back down, Karaoke coming back. Then we did 5 inchworms, lunge stretches each leg with upward and downward dog in between and completed pigeon pose stretches for each leg before finishing with 10 burpees. This completed WOR 

Pre-Thang:  PAX moseyed up to Hwy 6/31 intersection for the first of 6 stops along their tour of Angus St and downtown Gretna. PAX each took turns leading the exercises, completed in order for the 6 stops with moseying in between to lead us to the Gretna Elementary school playground/field area. 

  1. 20 Merkins/20 Monkey Humpers IC 
  1. 20 Carolina Dry Docks/20 Air Squats 
  1. 20 Sun Gods IC/20 LBCs IC 
  1. 20 Alternating Shoulder Taps/20 Flutter Kicks IC 
  1. 20 Groiners/20 Alternating Lunges 
  1. 20 Werkins/20 Heels to Heaven  

The Thang:  Once we arrived at the field, PAX broke into pairs, with one partner completing AMRAP exercises while other ran to the opposite end of the field to complete 3 burpees before running back to switch with partner. Exercises listed below. This was completed until 5:35 as we had to allow time to get back. Once we finished with this, we moseyed back in reverse order, completing the Pre-Thang again in reverse. 

AMRAP exercises: Mountain Climbers, Knerkins, Jump Squats, Diamond Merkins, Low Dollys, Jump tucks, Sumo Squats, Bonnie Blairs, Big Boys, Ranger Merkins, Heel Touches, Appolo Onos. 

We finished the reverse order back near the flags around 5:50, when Omaha was called. 6 MOM included U-call its, with 20 and 15 Box Cutters, followed by 1 round of American Hammers. 

Prayers/Announcements: Dragon’s Lair Ruck next Sat with Oscar Mike HIM at Dragon’s Lair, followed by Mr. Miyagi’s birthday Q, CSAUP bring box of non-perishable food per PAX to donate to Sarpy Co Food bank, if you aren’t attending and need to donate, coordinate with Lincoln Logs/Milo/E-85, check slack for details and sign up. Continued prayers and thoughts to PAX member Cardinal from KY, who passed away during his VQ this past week. 

Circle of Trust: YHC discussed his personal goal for the coming year of prayer and meditation. I have found immense benefits in my personal life and with my attitude toward daily stressors with meditation. Carving out time in our busy days can be difficult, but I’ve had great success with taking 10 minutes immediately after awakening each morning. Meditation has proven benefits to gaining new perspective on stressful situations, building skills to manage stress, increase self-awareness, focusing on the present, increasing patience and tolerance and reducing negative emotions to name a few. I encouraged PAX to give it a try and to catch YHC in the gloom to share their personal experience and any advice they’ve found helpful. YHC led us out in prayer. 


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