The Armory


January 13, 2023


Conditions: Chilly, but very pleasant


PAX: Boji, Big Unit, Da Fridge, Wait Time, Vandelay, Specimen, Steeple, Da Kine, T-Swift, Slow Clap, Buzzsaw, Billboard, Home Alone, Tea Party, Ozark and Hei Hei


QIC – Hei Hei


Hei Hei welcomed 16 PAX to the Armory. Went throughcore values, mission statement, credo… forgot to mention he wasn’t a professional. Hopefully no one was confused. 


The PAX moseyed over to the middle school football field.




Tappy taps; big ones, other various stretches. 




All PAX perform exercises together starting at north goal line


40 merkins

40 lateral lunges (20 each side)

40 gas pumpers


Sprint to opposite goal line and recovery mosey back


35 merkins

35 lateral lunges

35 gas pumpers


And so on… got to round of 20 + spring


Mosey back to flags




Recently finished a book called The Carpenter. Talks about being a craftsman in life – and craftsmen are more concerned with what they are creating and who they are becoming than simply getting things done. The book talks about going about your work and your life w/love, focused on serving and caring for others. Create habits that involve loving/serving others and fall in love w/the process. Focus on making a difference to one person, one moment at a time. 


The Bible talks about self-righteous works vs. bearing fruit. Going about our work/lives with a focus on ourselves is righteousness w/strings attached. Focusing on loving/serving others will bear fruit, and we are judged by the fruit that we bear. Going about work/lives this way makes our work spiritual and connected. So fall in love w/the process over the results – and take on each day w/love in your heart.

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The Armory

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