Battlefield: May 11, 2023

62 degrees, still, clear sky, half moon

PAX: Frosty, Big One, Q-tip, Rosetta, Samples, Kielbasa, Tenderfoot, Ledges, Biff, Buns of Steel, Bloodshot, Splinter, Gator, Khakis, McGavin, Uncle Jesse, Squints

Q: Roadhouse  

The alarm went off at 4:30 AM. As I turned off the alarm,  I looked at my phone and saw a message from the Big One. “Not sure I am going to make it tomorrow. Go get em…” Well that was a real kick in the gonads. I was excited to sweat with him in the gloom. But, there were a bunch of men that were going to be there and in need of a beatdown! And I was the one who was going to deliver it.

I pulled into the lot at 5:03 AM. The morning was quiet, calm even. I grabbed my weinkes and my BOSE speaker and headed towards the field. I got set up and walked the stairs of the stadium. This may have been foreshadowing for the pre-thang.

It was 5:10 and I decided to walk the track. I reflected on my COT and enjoyed the perfect morning. At 5:22, I saw a familiar outline walking towards me. One look at the hair and I knew… Gator had arrived. We embraced for longer than most people would but not long enough for us. Together we walked to the flags and waited for the PAX to arrive.

Slowly but surely, men started to pull into the lot. Some familiar faces, others brand new. We exchanged hugs and fist bumps. Some of us gingerly touched tips. At 5:30 I started the intro. 3 Fs. 5 Core principles. I even remembered the mission this time. Then I looked beyond the group and saw a man jogging up to the group. It was the Big One! That sandbagging son of a bitch! Let fucking go!

We started with a lap around the track and then circled up at the 50 yard line. I told the group that when I many people think of the Battlefield, they think of gladiators and battle and the movie 300. But not me. Nope. There is only one thing I think about… Pat Benatar! And with that I hit play on my phone and the beat started. At this point I may have blacked out but the music… the music took control. I guess Gloria Estefan was right, the rhythm is going to get you…

Yes gentlemen today’s Warm-a-rama was going to be a Dance-a rama!

Dance-a rama:

Shoulder Shimmies

Step Digs

Arm Raises

High Knees

Butt Kickers

Pickle Pushers

We danced on this morning. We danced our fucking asses off. And by “we”, I mean I danced and the PAX looked at me like an idiot… But fuck I had fun. We don’t dance enough in this world. Try it out… I think you will like it.

After our Dance Off, it was time to hit the stairs. I let the group know we were going to snake up and down the staircases twice and never stop. I needed a leader and it took .03 seconds for Khakis to take off towards the bleachers and start us on this climb.


Snake up and down the stairs. Twice

There was great mumblechatter during the stair run and the PAX seemed to be enjoying the morning together. Once we got done with the stairs we circled back up at the 50. It was time for the Thang!


The Bermuda Triangle- there were 3 stations in a triangle form set up on the field. We split up into 3 groups and went to our stations. There were 4 exercises at each station and when you were done, you moved onto the next. I turned the speaker back on and hit my Pat Benatar playlist…


20 Copperhead Squats

20 Bonnie Blairs

20 Bobby Hurleys

20 Sumo Squats


20 Heels to Heaven

20 LBCs

20 Starfish Crunches

20 E2K


20 Carolina Dry Docks

20 Cherry Pickers

20 Overhead claps

30 Air Presses

I am not sure if it was the humidity in the air or the actual beatdown, but the workout was hard. I was sweating my bags off by the end and at 6:07, Omaha was called.

We circled back up around the 50 and did some Mary!


American Hammers- Rancid Style-17- While Pat Benatar sand Shadows of the Night


Pretty smooth NOR. Gator did a stellar Splinter impression.


Speed Bump’s VQ at Oracle on Saturday

Oscar Mike at Oracle on Saturday

Brickbuilder on June 3rd at the Oracle


Bobsled who is nursing some injuries

Room Service and Pete and the whole family


There has been a lot of heaviness lately in the world. Whether it is continued division, shooting, personal tragedy or just the weight of life, life has been hard. This week I have found myself laughing a lot and it has reminded me of how important it is to keep laughing. To find humor in life. To see joy and the “funny” even in challenging times.

But laughter just doesn’t make you feel good. It actually has a lot of health benefits. It reduces stress. It is a natural pain killer. It helps with chronic pain. It strengthens your core. It helps promote heart health. It boosts your immune system. And it relaxes your body.

Wow. What a list! So not only does laughing make your life more fun, it makes you healthier and happier. So here is my challenge to you today and moving forward. Find things to laugh at. Find humor in the darkness. Laugh and never stop laughing. Because quite simply, your life will be better!

I love you all!

Roadhouse, CLB

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