A beautiful May 10th Morning at Heavy Metal!

60 Degrees, slight Breeze.

A lot of activity around Stinson this morning! Quite a few pre-runners and lots of cars! Turns out there were 17 Pax Total.

Q: Vanilla ICE…PAX:  Biff, HooAH, Short Circuit, Snowman, Bloodshot, Wentworth, SpaceBar, Landsbury, Folsom, Invictus, FNG, Animal, Caruso, Woody, Doll Face, Predator.

At 5:30 Sharp I welcome the Group to F3—Fitness, Fellowship, Faith!  Mission Statement to Plant, Grow, and Serve small workouts for the RE-Invigoration of male community leadership!  I let the group know that we would be pretty much holding onto our weights the ENTIRE workout today—so get used to them in your hands!

For Warm-A-Rama we grabbed the weights and jogged to the Stage on the west end of the park.  Warm-A-Rama was a little different.  We did 3 counts of lifting the weights out in front of you, to the side, above you head and into a squat position.  We count was a set of 5.  After this we carried our weights and headed EAST to the Benches!

PRE-Thang we worked our lower bodies.  20 STEPS on your own in 3 different styles.  1)  Weights held with arms down 2) Weights held with hands at your chest 3) Weights held over your head. 10 counts were needed in between each set. After completion, we headed to the Playground for more fun with the weights!

THE THANG!  This workout is comprised of four exercises that complete each set.  Each exercise is a set of 20.  Each exercise is completed with your weights in your hands.  Exercise 1: MERKINS 2: BIG BOYS 3: CURLS 4:  OVERHEAD PRESS.  After each set you grab your weights and head south to the opposite sidewalk and turn around.  We have a 10 count and the next round begins….MUSIC was played—90s alternative rock from FEMALE lead singers.  If you guessed the band, you get Inthe hat for a free coffee!  We knocked out 4 sets of 20 and 1 set of 5  (SLOWLY) to cool down.  We battled through this and called OMAHA!!!

MARY:  Exercises included FREDDY Mercury’s, Flutter Kicks,and RANCID STYLE HAMMERS with weights!

We welcomed FNG Jimmy Johnson to the middle to get named.  23, HDR Employee from Creighton, NE and a big Chicago Bears fan!

Announcements: Upcoming Brickbuilder event—Sign up your team today!

Prayers for Room Service’s son Paul in the ICU—Skull Fracture from baseball accident. PRAY for this young man as he is recovering right now. 

COT—on May 10th, 1899 Fred Astaire was born in Omaha, NE. One of the quotes I love from him is this: “I suppose I made it look easy, but gee whiz did I work and did I worry” Thinkabout this as you go about your day and when it see something or someone that really makes it “look easy”.

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