June 29, 2023 | Westside Highschool | AO – Battlefield | 75°

PAX: Tender Foot, Samples, Tom-tom, The Situation, Swinger, Vinilla Ice, Q-Tip, Break Room, Black Lung, Smash Mouth, Petty Marshal, Rosetta and Super tasty

Q: Splinter 

5:00 a.m. YHC joined fellow PAX Black Lung, Break Room and Tom-tom for a nice pre-run.

5:30 a.m. 13 PAX and YHC made the Battlefield their home this beautiful morning. YHC explained the 5 core principles and mentioned that I am not a professional and there was risk of injury so modify as needed.  


PAX, moseyed to parking lot for some warm-a-rama stretching with big ones, side straddle hops, sun gods, seal claps and cherry pickers.


PAX took a little mosey along Pacific Street west to the church courtyard next door.  Circled up in the courtyard for a little pre-thang.  We were going around the world, circle up hold a plank, PAX would wait while one member of the group would get up from plank and run around the circle saying down as many times as they desired to which the rest of the PAX members would perform a merkin.  This continued until all PAX members had run around the circle.  For good measure we did 20 monkey humpers in the church court yard making sure to cover all angles for security footage.  

Another quick mosey to corner of 90th and Pacific Street where we stopped for 15 pickle pushers.  Count off in 1’s and 2’s (hardest part of the morning).

Mosey to last stop before the fun, wall west of parking lot from the tennis courts.  Ones feet against the wall for derkin’s while twos would be facing the ones for a partner merkin clap.  10 on the down and partners to switch.  Mosey to grass field SW corner of the Westside compound. 

The Thang

PAX arrived to a tug of war setup on the field.  Broke into respective groups of ones and twos.  Winning team was to run the hill while others did 10 burpees upon their defeat.  Winning team would send the person at the back of their team line to the front of the other line.  Thus the power dynamic was always changing for each tug of war.  Fun was had, there were close games and there were a few that teams were dominated.  In the end competition was had and PAX were dripping with perspiration.

Omaha was called and PAX to a mosey to the flags for Mary


  • American Hammers Rancid Style 




  • See Slack
  • Prayer for Room Services son Pete

Circle of Trust:

YHC mentioned how I struggle to slow down at points.  I have the tendency to think that hard work is how you get through everything, no matter who you run over in the process.  It takes good people in my life to bring this to my attention.  There are times that I need to step back and ask for help or just times that I need to notice those around me who may need help.  

YHC called for ball of man and prayed us out.

Coffeteria/3rdF discussion followed



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