Brick Yard Q

Date: June 23, 2023

PAX: 10 – Asian Zing, Tenacious D, Woody, Caruso, Shingles, Parsecs, Bobsled, Predator, Woodstock, Amadeus

FNGs: None

Q: Amadeus

At 5:30 I welcomed everyone to F3 Omaha and most importantly The Brick Yard.  In true Amadeus fashion I was worried about the announcements in the beginning.  But I got through them!  A miracle in June. 

5 Core Principles

  1. Free of Charge
  2. Open to all Men
  3. Always held outside
  4. Led in a rotating fashion
  5. Ends in a Circle of trust

Covered the Credo – Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him, the Mission Statement – To plant grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership, and of course the Disclaimer – I am not a professional so please modify as necessary. 

I let the group know that we wouldn’t be doing any pre-thang and would jump right into it.  I introduced them to Crankbaits Battleboards we headed over to the “line”  Split up in groups and a mix of different punk playing we jumped right in practicing what was on each board.  In true battle board fashion there are no winners… Both sides worked hard to ensure that they did their best which is all that we could ask for!

Omaha was called

Mary: – We did our usually Slammers for good measure!

Name O Rama: – Yours truly forgot to do the Name O Rama – but was gently reminded by some of our amazing PAX.  See video for  the aftermath.

Announcements – Brickway Event Friday 7pm, ICB at the Bell Tower Friday (there will be running), Freed to Bleed next week, 1776 on the 1st.

Prayers: Prayers for Ditty as he continues to work on his mental health, Prayers for Rich as he fights with a  brain tumor and Lindsey and Tyler for their baby.


The COT was all about embracing things unique to where we live.  Many times when special events take place the “locals” get frustrated and weary of the hype.  Remind ourselves what makes our home great.  Enjoy the celebrations that take place during events like the CWS and lean into them. 

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