Q (7AM)— Barn Door and Cheap Seats Went through intro with BD and explained 5 core principles, disclaimer, credo and mission.  Barn Door explained what 1776 games were.  We had a couple stragglers from the 530am workout but we were off and running! PAX – Straight Flush, Janikowski, Good Looking, Dome, Bollywood, Hei Hei, E85, Kingsford, Crab Cakes, Tenderfoot, Cheap Seats, Mother Goose, Papa Smurph, Q Tip (respect respect), Black Lung and Barn Door WARM-A-RAMA 0.5 Run as a group  Mosey to Beatdown   13 Exercises The Pax split up at 13 cones in a circle. Each set was 25, with a new PAX entering the circle to lead from each station (all doing exercises together). Two rounds were completed of the following: Merkins LBCs  Mountain Climbers  Plank Jacks  Lunges  Overhead Claps  American Hammers   High Knees  LBCs  SSH  Scissors  Alt Shoulder Taps Cherry Pickers 0.5 Mile run as a group (This is when Black Lung took off : ) – FAST! 2 more rounds of 25, to finish 100 reps for each of the 13 exercises. This time with a small group that rotated around, and also had to mix in the following: Derkins – 100 Dips – 100 Step ups – 100 Finished with 76 Burpees and 100 Yard Bear Crawl. Most crawled 25, did burpees, then crawled again, until both were complete.  T claps to Black Lung finishing in record time and also a HUGE T Claps to Janikowski for completing his first 1776. Several first timers completed this workout so a shout out goes to all! Omaha was called right at 8:30 Prayers and Announcements Still collecting clothes for Boystown. Please have clothes to site Q’s or cheap seats by the 4th. Prayers for Pete COT Cheap Seats started the COT by recognizing any veterans in the group (we had none).  I discussed how fortunate it was for us to live in a free country and told the PAX to really enjoy the weekend and 4th of July.  Have fun with family and friends and to reflect on our independence and what it means to each and every one of us.  I challenged to them to reach out to a veteran and thank them. Barn Door then went and highlighted the great impacts that F3 has on all of us.  How we are grateful we are able to come out and do these workouts.  He challenged the men to continue to EH and lean in on each other as some many PAX need it. Mother Goose took us out in prayer.  


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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