Baseball Stormbreaker Q

Date: July 3, 2023

PAX: 9 – Switchfoot, Mulch, Irish Car Bomb, Grease Fire, Parsecs, Dozer, Slapshot, Shingles, Amadeus

FNGs: None

Q: Amadeus

Lots of guys hit the Smurph this morning with the start of the Murph challenge.  But come 5:30 a group of PAX galloped over to Stormbreaker.  

5 Core Principles

1. Free of Charge

2. Open to all Men

3. Always held outside

4. Led in a rotating fashion

5. Ends in a Circle of trust

Covered the Credo – Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him, the Mission Statement – To plant grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership, and of course the Disclaimer – I am not a professional so please modify as necessary.  

After the introduction I let the group know that we would be going on a mosey to start our day.  I think this may have surprised a few of the PAX as YHC isn’t a runner… I explained that as some of us were slower the fast group would need to play like they were in a pickle and when they reached the destination they would have to run back to the six and sprint between the six and the finish (the start of the baseball items).  So we ran to Home Plate (the circle down the hill).  We stayed mostly together and completed 10 Side Straddle Hops IC.

Once we were complete with our SSH – we moseyed up 126th street to the corner.  About halfway to 1st base ICB let us know we were going to do the whole bases… not sure why but it sounded like there was a little bit of complaining in his voice.  It wasn’t my plan but when opportunity knocks it knocks the decision was made… During this run the group split up a little more giving us the opportunity to practice our ability to get out of a pickle.  When all the PAX made it to the fire hydrant at the corner we completed 10 Forward Sun Gods IC.

Then it was off to the next corner.  Down Ballpark Way to 123rd.  As we moseyed past my initial jumping off point I made sure to remind ICB the rest of the mosey was all his fault.  Some of the PAX started to get more tired giving us the opportunity to continue to practice our pickle maneuvers.  Once everyone was in place at the corner we did 10 Sun Gods Backwards IC.  

Then it was off to 3rd base or 123rd and Lincoln.  Once we got everyone in place I had ICB lead us in 10 tappy taps – honestly I was looking for a volunteer because I was a little winded and he was the only one that jumped up J.  I let the PAX know that we wouldn’t make it all the way back to home plate and we would stop at the shovel flags.  About this time Parsecs started responding to how amazingly appropriate the cornfield was to our day and we should do our Name O Rama there.

Back to the shovel flags and I let the PAX know we would head into the parking lot for a little game.  A request was made to casually walk over to catch our breath which was agreed too.  Once there we took turns hitting the wiffle ball into the group.  If someone caught it we did 5 squats, if we didn’t catch it 5 burpees were paid by all (I think we did 1 million burpees… and 15 squats).  Whoever caught the ball (or got the ball) called the next exercise and got to hit.  We got a full range of different exercises to practice our skills at.  

When it was almost time for Omaha to be called the PAX were given the choice to mosey to the cornfield or to finish at the shovel flags.  Much to my surprise the primary vote was CORNFIELD.  So off we went.  ICB and Parsecs stopped at my truck to get my props for my COT and we all met at the corn.  

Mary: – Time for Sarpy Slammers!

Name O Rama: – Name O Rama was down emerging from the corn – a tribute to Field of Dreams and tying in with the baseball theme of the beatdown.  

Prayers: Prayers for Switchfoot’s MIL, Parsecs friend John, the families of the children involved in the drownings.  A safe and healthy 4th for everyone.  

Announcements – 1776 at 2 sites on the 4th of July


We talked about tradition and the importance of respecting our traditions and how important they are.  But at the same time embracing change.  We talked about baseball and the changes taking place in baseball over the last years.  Pitch count, Designated hitter, etc.  And that there is resistance to change but sometimes change can make us, or the game better.  Figuring out how to embrace the change while respecting the past is important and I challenged everyone to look at ways to embrace change as we celebrate the holiday.  At the end I shared the only thing apparently more American than baseball… Apple Pie (ok little apple breakfast turnovers).  

Prayer to Finish

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