Monday, April 3, 2023 | Stormbreaker | Prairie Queen Elementary, Papillion, NE | 41 degrees

Q: Ditty

5 PAX: Tenacious D, Duracell, Mulch, Dozer, Ditty

Announced: The Mission Statement, Five Core Principles, Credo and Disclaimer. No FNGs.

Warm-O-Rama: 10 Big Ones IC, 10 Sun Gods IC, 10 Reverse Sun Gods IC, 10 Cherry Pickers IC

The Thang: I have a friend (Sloppy Joe) who joined F3 last year,and I was so excited to hear it! So, when he gave his 1yr Q last week, I just knew I had to steal it and see how their beatdownsgo. Let me tell you, it was a good one. Two man Dora style beatdown, 730 reps (2 for each day in his first year of F3.) But, we hadn’t even started when Tenacious D spoke up, “Are we doing the Rock-A-Bye Babies?” You see he had been at my Mount Olympus Q a little while ago, and because he has a broken brain that demands punishment (most PAX do,) he learned a terrible exercise and wanted more. “All right,” says I; and I reach down and cross out American Hammers, replacing them with Rock-A-Bye Babies.

Sloppy Joe’s 1yr Q

(Dora style 2 man grinder: while one PAX runs the other performs the exercises switching off until as a team all the reps are completed.)

50 Blockees

100 Side Straddle Hops

100 Overhead Presses (I’m pretty sure one too many of these is the way I’ll die. But, if it happens, I want the other PAX to just continue the beatdown and you can add my body as a sandbag or something. LOL)

50 Mike Tysons (I move much too awkward for this one)

100 Curls for the girls 

50 Mountain Climbers IC

100 Merkins

100 Goblet Squats

Rock-A-Bye Babies (Holding a chair position the whole time, do an overhead press and back down, then press the coupon straight out in front of you. Maintaining the extended arms, twist to the right then to the left. Back to center and bring the coupon back to your chest. This is one rep, and you now realize, you may have somehow stumbled into Hell.)

30 Burpees lead by our local burpee expert, Duracell!

Forget the Mary and gasping for breath, I try to accomplish a decent Name-O-Rama.

Prayers & Praises: Prayers for Swiper’s family as they (and F3) lost a HIM (Delilah) to suicide. Prayers for all those in the midst of the Mental Battle! (Chloe, we’re praying for you.) And, praises for the little daily successes as we continue the fight.

Announcements: 5 Year Convergence 5:30am on Saturday the 22nd at the Oracle.

COT: Some rambling from Ditty’s ADHD mind about leaning on other while fighting the Mental Battle.I LOVE YOU, MEN OF F3 NATION! DO HARD THINGS AND PICK UP THE SIX!!

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