Monday April 3, 2023
Mission Park; 168 th Street (Between Q Street & Harrison Street)
43 Degrees & Breezy – Overall very nice morning in the gloom
14 PAX: Pit Stop, Golden Pond, Griswold, Bogey, Longneck, Fine Print, Light Bright, Yodel, Picasso,
Kickstand, Urkel, Chippendale, High Hat, Boji
QIC: Boji
5:30am: Boji welcomed the other 13PAX to F3 & Mission Forge. He began by stating the F3 Mission
Statement, 5 Core Principals, & credo. He let everyone know that he was not a professional and to
modify as necessary. We had no FNG’s this morning.
We began the morning activities with a short mosey to the basketball court for Warm-O-Rama
 10 Tappy Taps (IC)
 6 Big Ones (3 on each side, slow 5 count)
 20 Sun Gods IC (10 Front & 10 Back)
 10 Michael Phelps (IC)
 20 Side Straddle Hops (IC)

The Thang – A Modified Ladder:
We moseyed from the basketball courts to the soccer fields for The Thang. There were three series of
lights set up to create a course of approximately 100 yards. 2 sets of lights at each end and one in the
We stayed together as a group for The Thang. The modified ladder started at one end of the soccer
fields with 20 Merkins we would then run to the other end soccer fields for 19 Big Boy Sit-Ups, Back
again for 18 Merkins, etc, etc, etc.
The modified part of this ladder was that half way between the ends of the soccer fields we stopped for
5 Burpees (both ways). This modification was made at the last minute when Kickstand brought up in the
pre-blast that the Nebraska Cornhuskers had defeated the Iowa Hawkeyes in football and both times
they met in men’s basketball this year. There was a suggestion of modifying to air squats in lieu of
burpees for those that needed.
Omaha was called at 6:04am. We grabbed the lights and headed back to the shovel flags via the bridge.
Mary: Boji called on Pax to get on their six for Mary:
 Boji called on Griswold for his favorite core exercise: 15 Rosalita’s on his “open”
 Boji called on Yodel for his favorite core: 15 Box Cutters (IC)

 We ended Mary with a round of Hammers (Rancid Style) starting with Fine Print
Announcements / Prayer Requests
 5 Year Anniversary Convergence on 4/22
 Multiple 2 nd and 3 rd F Opportunities (check slack)
In a world of “Keeping up with the Jones’s” I have seen too many people try to change who they are and
how they act. The beauty of being human is we are all individually different. The people that are closest
to us in our lives know us and love us for who we are and not what society tells us we need to be. Be
true to yourself, be authentic, be genuine and you will be a happier person. If there ever is a time in
your life when you need help, please be sure to reach out, we are here to help.
Pit Stop lead us out in Prayer.
Thanks for the support this morning. It was an honor to lead the PAX at Mission Forge!

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