PAX:  Lincoln Logs (Respect, Respect), Gator, Peg Leg, Barn Door, Muffs, Singlet, Vlasic (Respect), and…

Your Q – Ozark (YHC, Respect)

A pleasant 40-degree, 55% humidity morning with a modest, southeasterly breeze.  Peg Leg preceded YHC’s arrival to plant the flag since our Site Q Speed Square is OoT (Out of Town).  Gator pulled in shortly thereafter just behind…who’s that?!?!?!?…Singlet!!!

Gator, Peg Leg and YHC took a half mile run around the school at 5:20 to get the blood going.  Arriving back around 5:25, mumble chatter ensued with Muffs, Singlet, Vlasic, Lincoln Logs, and Barn Door all included.

5:30, YHC welcomes the 31 PAX to the Boundary Line.  Then covers the mission statement, core principles, and disclaimer.  Only one interruption by Gator “Wait, where’s Speed Square?” YHC acknowledged this inquiry by explaining SS’s OoT status and politely asked to refrain from further questions until the intro’s completion. Kindest Regards.

YHC explained that today’s format will include an initial mile run which entails a jog to the soft, flat track, then two laps, and a jog back.  Then a half mile jog around the school after the 5th and 8th sets.  Minds were blown.

No FNGs.  Let’s Mosey.

All went off as intended, though some confusion ensued after the 8th set and YHC called out “Let’s mosey.” “Wait, what?!?!” “Yeah. That’s right.” We all adjusted nicely. Of note, the last set of Merkins, Gator called for hand release. Just before the commencement of American Hammers, Vlasic inquires about the number. Why 29? Gator quickly explains it was Lt Michael Murphy’s age when he died in Afghanistan. Upon completion, we walk it off to the flag. Finally, some sustained mumblechatter.

Announcements – Lincoln Logs will Q tomorrow at Whetstone and will lead a beatdown he describes as Death by 1,000 cuts.  Great…

Apex at the Armory on Wednesday.  Gator will lead.  Great.

Dragon’s Lair will be a 2.0 friendly beatdown on Saturday.  Also, Vlasic’s church will host a 7,000 Easter Egg hunt across the street at 10:00 am. Now see, that is great.

Prayers – Swiper – for his family and him given the loss of his nephew, known in F3 as Delilah, who committed suicide.  Our hearts go out to you brother.  Please lean on us.

COT:  Sacrifices

Today marks the start of Holy Week, known in the Catholic and many other Christian churches as the 6 days preceding Easter, where Jesus of Nazareth suffered immensely in Jerusalem.  It’s the most important week in the Catholic Church for many reasons. 

Growing up Catholic, I dreaded Holy Week.  So many masses with their unique rituals crammed into one week.  Exhausting.  Then in my early 20’s, during those selfish years, I just avoided church. Mostly. In my late 20’s and 30’s, I really dug into the word trying to understand as much as I could, including historical context.  I became blown away by the depth, the history context behind, and the meaning of both the story and the rituals.  And it was then that I began suffering Holy Week because of how much pain I felt upon reflecting what Jesus did.

Anyway, I’m not here to convince you to convert to Catholicism or Christianity.  That’s your decision.  What I want to discuss is what Jesus did, big picture, during that time in Jerusalem which we commemorate this week.  The short of it is, he sacrificed.  If even only in his own mind, he sacrificed himself for others.  As often claimed, the ultimate sacrifice.  And that’s what I want to discuss with you, sacrifice.

We all have those in our lives who sacrificed for us.  I challenge you to think about those that sacrificed for you and be thankful for that.  The easy examples are our parents, grandparents, maybe siblings and extended family.  Other easy ones, I hope, are teachers and coaches.  Not wanting to discount those at all. Reflect on those sacrifices.  And also, think about others.  Maybe a co-worker or a mentor.  A friend.  A neighbor?

I also challenge you to think about the sacrifices you make.  The easy examples are those for your spouse and kids.  What about sacrifices you make for others?  What are you doing with your time and energy that doesn’t serve you primarily, but rather serves others?  Then I’ll challenge you to think about whether those sacrificial actions (or inactions) are the right use of your time and energy, since we only have so much of each.  Do that in the context of the F3 Concentrica. The answer may be yes, it is.  And, if so, great!  If not, what will you do about that realization?

In the Catholic Church, Holy Week is the culmination of Lent, the 40 days preceding Easter.  This week take time to reflect on the sacrifices others made for you and those you make for others.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

Enjoy this beautiful morning and week gentlemen!

YHC took us out in prayer.

Shalom Out – Ozark

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