4/17/2019 | Paradise Island AO | Paradise Bakery-Regency

PAX: Khakis, Chaz, Merch, FDIC, D-League, Point Break, The Plague, Honey Stinger, Hard Hat, Wait Time, Room Service

Q: Honey Badger

Weather: A welcoming 65 degrees

Honey Badger welcomed 12 PAX to Paradise Island. The mission of F3 was presented and PAX were instructed to modify as needed as Honey Badger is certainly not a professional.

PAX were then instructed to mosey to Harney Parkway for Warm O Rama. Honey Badger lead them the exact opposite direction as he has no sense of an internal compass and things look different in the dark.

WARM-O-RAMA: String Rippers 10 IC- SSH 10 IC- Sun Gods 12 IC- Hillbillies 10 IC

Thang – Once Badger regained a sense of direction, PAX were lead up Harney PKWY; about a 1.2 mile jaunt. PAX enter the park and are surrounded by three hills. Each hilltop contained different exercises to perform.

Hill 1- Five Burpees

Hill 2- (4x4x4) 4 Burpees, 4 Merkins, 4 mountain climbers.

Hill 3: 5 Makhtar N’Diayes IC, 5 Chilly Jacks IC, 5 Mountain Climbers IC.
THE BONUS: After completing the round of exercises after each hilltop, PAX were to Alligator Merkin themselves down the hill towards their next challenge.

Everyone seemed to appreciate this additional component. PAX then ran back to Paradise Bakery, about 1.2 miles.

MOM – Wait Time made the burn worse with American Hammers IC.

COT: Honey Badger discussed that we are presented with many challenges. Each contains its own challenges. There is a tendency to want to be out in front and we can do destructive things to ourselves with this mentality- sometimes we have to break down the hill into smaller action steps.

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