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PAX: Merch, Hard Hat, Tonight Show, Wait Time, Crab Cakes, Chaz, Big One, D League, Stretch, Room Service, Dr. Suez, Peaches, Low Man, Waffle House
Q: Waffle House

Mumble chatter as the moon set behind the clouds.  Disclaimer was given. PAX was enthusiastic to compress next weeks 1 year anniversary into a 40 minute grinder.  Introductions of #Redwoods & #Natan along a brief overview of the mornings mission.  PAX made a Hard Commitment to the mission as stragglers arrived.

Warm-ORama: SSH x20, Tappy Taps x20, Tator Tappyx20, alarm bells rang out in the gloom and we were off to the Thang.  Friday: Leadership- Omaha run to the next station.


Monday: Fitness- Step work out on parking lot wheel stops. 10 minutes of aerobic exercises: Lunges R/L, Heel Touch R/L, Step Squats, Leg Lift R/L, Rockie Balboa’s, Jump Back, Jump Front.  Omaha Run to Dock.

Wednesday: Faith- Low Man suggested counting off to form two groups. Group 1: Bear crawl down and back on dock. Group 2: Merkin variations along edge of trail facing the water. Rinse and repeat. Mosey to the picnic shelter.

Thursday: Fellowship- Group 1: wall sits, share a drink of water. Group 2: Dips on picnic table x20, Incline Merkinsx20. Rinse and repeat. Omaha run to hill.

Tuesday: Leave no man behind- Groups of 2 HIM use the lights to go up the hill and back.  PAX Big Boys x20. Rinse and repeat. Omaha called, Omaha run back to the flags. 

Saturday: Give it Away- Relay race in lot was skipped due to Omaha.

Mary: Flutter Kicks x20, Sweat Angles x20, Dying Cockroach x20, American Hammer x20.


Count & Name-O-Rama

Closing prayer: Intentions for Roll Bar’s mother, Intentions for all who are hurting on the inside and seem strong on the outside.

Coffeteria, T-claps to Chaz for helping pin the correct location.

Aye- Waffle House

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