4/20/19 BOYSTOWN AO – The Oracle

Q: Lowman

PAX:  Wait Time, Rosie (HATE), Ponzi, Slow Roast, Vandelay, Plague, Tonight Show, Crab Cakes, Gipper, Lemon Law, CSI, Boom Boom (HATE), High Beam, Scooter, Top Shelf, Sasquatch, Dufresne (HATE), Selleck, Reba, Honey Badger, FNG (Chitwood), Saul, FNG (Ascot), Flipper (HATE), Dufner, Safe Ride, Tenderfoot, Kielbasa, FNG (Double Dare), Big One, Brazilian, Coach K, Polaroid, FDIC, Khakis (RESPECT), The Worm, Tater Tot, Bubbles (HATE)

So proud to have welcomed 39 PAX to beautiful morning at The Oracle. Warm temps and the reduced need for stocking caps led to the record-setting attendance numbers, despite some winter-hardened stalworks of the PAX absent due to Easter travel.


The PAX moseyed around the church to the field below the Shovel Flags for Warma-a-rama:

SSH 20 IC → High Knees 20 IC → Cherry Pickers 20 IC → Monkey Humpers 20 IC → SSH 20 IC (yes, again) → Merkins → Sun Gods 10/10 IC → Bobby Hurley 20

Mosey + Mary Light

With what ended up being a long(ish) mosey from the field to the track, the PAX opted for a layover at the Farmer’s Market for some quick ab work.

LBC 30 IC → Dying Cockroach 30 IC → Bobby Hurley 15 IC

With that, the PAX finished the mosey to the Track, and met at midfield.

The Thang

The almost 40 PAX members counted out into four equal groups – each assigned one station containing four exercises with a 20 count. When they finished their set, there was a mosey on the track to the next station.

  • “It’s like we have four different AOs in one!” – Big One
  • “There’s fertilizer all over the ground.” – Boom Boom
  • “ 😒” – Lowman
Station 1Station 2Station 3Station 4
Merkins – 20Werkins – 20Hand Release Merkin – 20Carolina Dry Docks – 20
LBCs – 20 ICBig Boys – 20Low Dollies – 20 ICFreddy Mercury – 20 IC
Air Squats – 20Monkey Humpers – 20 ICCrab Cakes – 20 ICCopperhead Squat – 20 IC
Jump Tucks – 20SSH – 20 ICBobby Hurley – 20Burpees – 10 OYO

Mosey to the Shovel for Mary

LBCs 20 IC → Gas Pumpers 20 IC → Super Swimmers 15 IC → American Hammer a la Boom Boom (40 or so?)

Announcements & Prayers:

Circle of Trust:

  • YHC thanked the PAX for coming out that morning and special thanks to the FNGs
  • “Friendship is born at the moment when one man says to another “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself [felt that way]” – C.S. Lewis
  • YHC outlined how this simple quote really hit home when reflecting on the PAX and our shared experiences not only in the workout, but in life as we battle Sad Clown syndrome and the day-to-day struggles (and joys) of daily life.
  • We’re all in this together for different AND similar reasons.
  • YHC challenged the PAX to look for opportunities to connect with fellow PAX on a deeper level and to be willing to both give and receive help and support from each other.
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