Elmwood Park AO|4/19/19 – Good Friday|Beautiful Morning

PAX: Tater Tot, Peaches, OMT, No Doze, Brazilian, Honey Badger, The Plague, Bubbles (hate!), Caboose (FNG-hate!), Polaroid, Caesar (FNG-hate!), Ponzi, Wait Time, Lifestyle (hate!), Flipper (hate!), Honey Stinger (hate?), Nitrous (FNG), Baby Grand, Picabo, Safe Ride

Q: Khakis

No Warm-a-rama just went straight into..

The Thang:

3 Groups, 3 stations. Stair running group were the timer and pushed the rest of the groups as we all rotated through the stations.


  1. Ran up and down a flight of stairs one time then pushed the other groups.
  2. LJCs IC (Little Jesus Crunches – b/c no one had better abs than Jesus) until pushed to next station. A competition broke out to see which group could get the most LJCs completed IC before being pushed.
  3. 10 Sets of exercises/Stations of the Cross-fit (14 were planned but Omaha called after 10 rounds) until pushed to next station:

1. Jesus is condemned to death: Prisoner Squats

2. Jesus Carries the Cross: Cherry Pickers

3. Jesus Falls for the 1st time: Hydraulic Squats

4. Jesus meets His Mother Mary: Big Boy Sit-Ups

5. Simon Helps Jesus Carey the Cross: Partner Wheelbarrow Squat – Derkins

6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus: Imperial Walkers

7. Jesus falls for a 2nd time: Hydraulic Squats

8. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem: Moroccan Night Clubs

9. Jesus falls a 3rd time: Hydraulic Squats

10. Jesus is stripped of His clothes: Flutter Kicks

No 6 Minutes of Mary. Today was all about Jesus.


  • Anniversary Week next week! Join in when you can! RSVP by Sunday the 21st for the picnic at Vala’s!
  • Thursday night Happy Hour celebrating 1 year of F3 Omaha! Check Twitter or website for details.
  • Ended by Reading John 3:16 and a moment of silence for all to pray for anyone that came to mind.


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