Stinson Park AO| 4/16/19|

PAX: Ponzi, Plague, Flipper (hate!), Honey Stinger, Swinger (FNG…welcome!), Biggie Smallz, Tater Tot, Rollbar, Tenderfoot (FNG…welcome!), Picabo, Walk On, Saul, Safe Ride, Pablo, OMT, Folsom, No Doze, Khakis (respect!), Bubbles (hate!), Trademark

Q: Toot Toot

Since I had a work conference in Omaha for HDR, I offered my services as guest Q and Ponzi gladly accepted. I knew I had to bring a quality Carolina beatdown to the nearly 1 year old F3 Omaha.

I did the pre run with 8 other PAX and was introduced to Shirley. While I’m not as fast as those gazelles, this clydsdale held his own. And apparently I earned a badge — I Ran With Carl!

This was a large group of 21 including 2 FNGs. I stated the disclaimer and the PAX included the 5 F3 principles. With that, the beatdown began. 

I added some thoughts on two items that have stuck with me lately. The first was the word – intentional. That was the January word-of-the-month for the Rock Region. We need to be intentional in everything we do – in our workouts, at our jobs, at home with our M and 2.0s.  The other was the mental health awareness day F3 nation had last month. We, as men, tend to do things on our own, not asking for help. With these two things in mind, I have adjusted my usual workouts accordingly. All my workouts are done in cadence – no OYO.

All in cadence: SSH, Morrocan Night Clubs, Cherry Pickers.

We moseyed to the Winter Quarters (in the Rock Region, we refer to ours as the “Hot Box”) to begin our 4 corners routine.  Today’s 4 corners rules were:

 – We repeat the same exercise in each corner for each rotation 

– We complete each exercise in cadence at each corner (#NoOYO) 

– The count of the next exercise increased by 5 when we ran to the next level of the deck 

The exercises were as follows:
5 Burpees

10 Lunges, in place

15 Imperial Walkers

20 Mountain Climbers

25 Plank Jacks

After completion of the 4 corners, we circled up and completed a Rock Region infamous “Boomer’s Calf Circle of Death” — each PAX lead 5 in-cadence Calf Raises until all PAX have led. (for those keeping score at home, today’s total was 210 calf raises)

We then took a group photo with the new HDR HQ as the backdrop and returned to the AO for the COT. 

Toot Toot out!


  • Several announcements made about F3 Anniversary week next week. Encouraged guys to join in when they can and not stress if they can’t attend everything. Goal was to have multiple opoprtunities for guys to connect and join in on the festivities!
  • T Claps to Toot Toot for stepping up and Q’ing while out of town! Takes guts and he definitely stepped up to the challenge!
  • And thanks for taking my Q! You saved the guys from another Ponzi beatdown but I will return again soon!



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