September 25, 2019 | AO – Paradise Island | 62°

21 PAX: Wait Time, Placebo, Bubbles (Hate), Tonight Show, The Plague, White Claw, Splinter Cell (FNG), Khakis (Respect), Wentworth, Fire Walker, Blue Suede, Safe Ride, The Curse, Pele, FDIC, Gunner, Smashmouth, Jean Claude, Lucky Charms

Q: Lucky Charms: LC welcomed 20 PAX, including one FNG. Reminded everyone that F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship & Faith and that we were going to focus on the First F. Reminded PAX that he is not a professional and to modify exercises as needed, listed the core principles and got to work.

PAX performed a ½-mile mosey to the bottom of the final rose for the warm-a-rama.

Warm-A-Rama ● Tater Taps – 10 IC● SSH – 20 IC● Sun Gods – 10 IC each direction● Finkle Swing – 5 IC each leg 


PAX took another ½-mile mosey up the final rose and into the park. Here, we started The Thang with a 22’s workout—albeit modified due to the amount of lunches and bonnie blares several PAX completed the day before at the Iron Pax week 4. Each round had two exercises that totaled 22 reps, adjusting by two each time. 

22’s Stage 1- 2 Air Squats on the down & 20 Merkins with a row IC for the first round and then added 2 squats and removed 2 merkins/rows each round- The proceeded to rounds of: 4 & 18 / 6 & 16 / 8 & 14 / 10 & 12 / 12 & 10 / 14 & 8 / 16 & 6 / 18 & 4 / 20 & 2- LC admittedly underestimated the burn on the merkins. Arms were burning. 

The PAX took a short, ¼-mile mosey to the other side of the park for Stage 2 of the 22’s workout. This time with standard merkins and lunges. Mumble chatter from Iron PAX participants were heard, something about having flashbacks to all the lunges completed the day before. Buns were burning, fun was had. – 2 Merkins, 20 Lunges (10 each leg and switching)- Subsequent rounds were: 4 & 18 / 6 & 16 / 8 & 14 / 10 & 12 / 12 & 10- Following Iron PAX Week 4 yesterday, legs were burning. 

Omaha was called to begin the mosey back toward the shovel flags. To keep the group together on the way, there was a 1/3-mile downhill mosey where PAX did SSH OYO until the 6 was in. The mosey continued with another 1/10 of a mile mosey near the shovel flags. The PAX gathered for a 1:05 wall sit to make sure that everyone’s legs were stillburning. 

6MOM:● Dolly’s 25 IC● Hammers – Lost count, and possibly blacked out, during two rounds led by Gunner and Safe Ride. Legs, arms and abs were now sufficiently burning. 


✔ NOR: With one FNG, Splinter Cell (name updated to be more 2.0 friendly) was named because he words in lumber sales and also has seven kids!

✔ Announcements/Prayerso First & Second F opportunity Thursday night at Wildkingdom with Pizza, beverages and football at Piezon’s to follow. Folsom and Placebo on the Qo Wafflehouse is being transferred from Lincoln to QLI in Omaha where he will likely be for a few months. Find some time to visit and support our brother.o Tclaps to the F3 members fighting through injuries and working on recovery.

✔ COT/Prayero LC reminded everyone that we need to remain focused on building up others around us. Like our mission says, we plant, serve and grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. This is not a solo mission, it’s the group’s mission. Like the US basketball team, we are strong individually, but will fail if our entire team is not built up. The US team had 14 NBA players and almost all were starters … but finished 7th last week. The 1st and 2nd place teams had 4 total NBA players and 2 starters. These teams were stronger than the US’s individual efforts. Whether its at our home, work, friends or F3, we rely on the collective teams to be the most effective. We askedSky Q for the courage and patience to find time to build up our team(s). Let us find growth by making the team around us more cohesive and stronger.

✔ Coffeteria and discussion on Courage was held at Paradise.



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