September 21, 2019 | The Oracle | Boys Town AO | Cloudy and 70 degrees
PAX: (2.0s)Excite Bike, Zelda, Slush Puppy, Rose, Bobby Joe, Blue Sky, Hammer, Bike Wheels, JJ Flash, Sizzles. Welcome 2.o FNGs: Belly Flop, Drop Out, Smiles, Ren, Hobby Lobby, Brownie, Blues, Hoosier, Redwood, Dab Cat, Tiny Bro, Lil’ Red, Taz-Mania, Monarch, Tumble Run, Lil’One, Baby Blue, Blue Sparkle, Hammer Head, Bolt, Iron Man, Flash, Paw Patrol, Triple Threat, and Marvel.
PAX: Tonight Show, Big One, Roll Bar, Folsom, Blue Suede, No Doze, Saul, Hard Hat, Wait Time, Ponzi, Slow Roast, Grillz, Khakis, Tater Tot, Slow Pitch, Crocs, Placebo, Specimen, and Mufasa.
co-QIC: Wait Time & Ponzi (and Excite Bike).

Wait Time and Ponzi greeted the PAX. Ponzi quizzed the PAX and 2.0s about the Three Fs. The 2.0s responded by identifying the three Fs correctly. Ponzi added a fourth F. Everyone presumed the fourth F stood for “fun.” Ponzi being Ponzi, said the fourth F stood for “Farts!” Crowdpleaser!

Warm-A-Rama: There was a guest Q appearance for Warm-A-Rama. Excite Bike led a great warmup. He is definitely a future Nant’an.

SSH | Windmills | Supermans | Amazing Spiderman | Crab Cakes|5 Burpees | Tappy Taps| Werewolves| 

PAX were required to “FREEZE,” throughout the workout. Anytime a person did not freeze on command, the PAX did three burpees.

Mosey to Practice Field: 

  • Ponzi Rule: Each Dad has to carry at least one child on his back on the way there, unless the kid is 13 or older. If he has multiple kids he can modify or rotate kids.


Part 1: Chumbarupee– SSH to “Tubthumping.”  Song is 4:38. Every time the song lyrics “I get knocked down,” the PAX do a burpee.

Part 2: Tunnel of Love (Kids) and Plank Hurdles (Dads)

The Thang: RECESS! Stations

Station 1 (Push Group)50 SSH while playing Duck Duck Goose

Station 2
Zombie Frisbee 
Station 3Deck of CardsStation 4Freeze Tag


6 MoM: “OMAHA!” called due to time.

After the longest “Name-a-Rama” ever, Wait Time ended the COT with a prayer. We celebrated the morning with donuts, juice and water. T-claps to all the dads and 2.0s. There will be many more of these workouts in the future.

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