AO: Mt Olympus  

Liberty Middle School – BFE- Papillion


57 degrees, breezy, cold. It was cold! All three of my nipples were popping…

PAX: Fun Dip, Amadeus, Chernobyl, G-String, Parsacs, Harding, Butterfly, Six Degrees, Lansbury, Sweet Roll

Q: Roadhouse

Let’s get one thing out of the way before we start this… I fucking hate coupons. I think they are stupid. I don’t like coupon workouts and if Huffy had not made me a gorgeous coupon with Patrick Swayze on it, I don’t think I would even own one. And yet… here I am! Walking around Liberty Middle at 4:45 in the morning setting up for a coupon beatdown! How did I get here?

Well it’s quite simple, have you ever met G-String? The guy is so fucking handsome and charming, that it is impossible to say no to him. Rumor has it women have a hard time even riding in a car with him without jumping his bones… And a few months back after a beatdown at the Danger Zone, he asked me at coffee if I would ever want to Q Mt Olympus.  And that my friends is why I am here!

I arrived at 4:45 just in time to say no to the pre-runners, Fun Dip and G-String. Little did I know that Amadeus and Parsacs had already taken off for their pre run. Which brought to mind a riddle- has a Sarpy guy ever just done a workout without any sort of pre-thang? I am not sure…

I walked the hallowed ground of Mt. Olympus as this was my first visit. The parking lot looked like a suitable venue for the beatdown but I wanted to get a look at this track. I walked down the hill only to be thwarted by what looked like a 7 foot tall fence. In my younger days, I would have jumped that thing like a mother… But as I approach 45 years old and 2 bills… I thought better of it. I continued around the field until I found the path down to the track.

It was perfect for what I wanted to do and I used some lights, cones and rocks to hold down my Weinkes to get set up. I moseyed back to the shovel flags as PAX member started to arrive. The pre-runners made it back and at 5:15 we had 11 men, ready for immortality! One of which was Six Degrees. This dude is new here in Omaha from North Carolina and what a find for F3 Omaha. If you see him the gloom, welcome him like only F3 Omaha can!

I limped through the intro. 3 Fs? Boom! Five core princies? Nailed it! Mission? Finally got it! We were ready!

Warm-a-rama was all stretching. When you are going to throw some bricks around, you got to get loose bro.


Big Ones

Tappy Taps

Torso Twists

Now that we were limber it was time for the coupons. We threw them over our shoulders and headed down the path to track! I had the PAX circle up at the North end of the track. It was time to get sexy with some bricks. I warned Six Degrees that I was not sure how they did things down in NC, but here in Omaha, we like get real sexy in the morning. The next thing I knew we were humping some coupons while making eye contact…

Sexy- Coupon Pre-Thang:

15 Pickle Pushers- hands on coupon

15 Pickle Pointers- hands back on coupon

15 Monkey Humpers- grab the coupon between your legs

Block Swing 15 IC

During the block swing, there was a lot of chatter and a lot of laughter. Some jokes about never before feeling something this heavy between our legs and some about how light this was compared to what we are used to it. It was all over the board and my goal to laugh was accomplished.

I then told the PAX to partner up. This morning we were going to grind. One partner would do a list of Coupon exercises AMRAP while the other ran a lap around the track. That’s right, we were running at Olympus!


2 man grinder  

Coupon Station:

Coupon Curls

Coupon Merkins

Kettlebell Swings 

Coupon Squats 

Low Dollys with Coupon Overhead Coupon Thrusters

Hands Crossed Upright Rows

Bench Press

Other guy, runs a lap.

Rinse and Repeat!

During the Thang, the mumblechatter continued. Everything from Patrick Swayze trivia to encouraging guys to keep going. At 5: 50, Omaha was called and we collected our coupons and headed back towards the flags.

When we got there, we circled up on our coupons and did 11 Sarpy Slammers to finish!


Sarpy Slammers- 11

And with that, we were done. We had finished and finished together!


NOR went pretty smooth with the highlights being an opening shot of my Swayze coupon to G-String slapping that ass on his…


Lots of Third F action from Toy Drives to Coat collections to all sorts of other things.

Shield of Ares:

Amadeus gave the shield to Fun Dip for always supporting him on his journey!


Sweetroll prayed for an amazing woman, Mary Loeffler. She has been a teacher for 35 years and is battling cancer,


This last weekend was World Beard Day and I posted a challenge to F3 Omaha to post their beards at their peak on Twitter. The results were a walk down memory lane of guys in their youth and with age, in shape and out of shape, during Covid and out of Covid and it got me thinking about this journey we are all on.  

Recently I had lunch with a friend of mine who I had not seen in three years. She asked what had been happening in the last three years… Well, there was a global pandemic, lots of social disarray, my wife left, I am single dad now, I left a job after 15 years and started a brand new one and my ankle hurts. Other than that not much. As I quickly tried to move on, she stopped me and said, “You have been through a lot huh?” I said it was no big deal and she stopped me again and told me that I need to acknowledge what I am have been through and the fact that I am still standing. It was healthy, therapeutic and as a man, something I had not done. I usually moved onto to the next things and tried to forget about the challenges I had encountered.

Acknowledging where we have been does two things for us. First, it validates this really hard struggle that is life. Life can be really difficult at times and taking the time to reflect on that is a good things to do. The second thing it does for me is give me confidence.

When I think about some of the shit I have been through, it makes the future hurdles look smaller. It makes me feel like I can get through anything. It makes me capable and strong. And when I think about this group, it is amazing what we have overcome. Personal tragedies, tough career situations, divorce, parenthood, being a Broncos fan… these are hard things.

So as you navigate this life and you see tough challenges ahead, do me a favor and look behind. Look in the rear view and see what you have done, all that you have gotten through and remind yourself that not only are you still here, you are getting up at 4:30 in the morning and crushing life!

There is nothing you cannot do and if you need proof, just look back brothers! You are incredible and you inspire me every day!

I love you!

Roadhouse, CLB

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