02 September 2023 / AO The Pit / Temp 65 deg, Wind 9 mph SSE

7 PAX:

Fun Dip, Animal House, Busser, Harding, Yugo, Pogo (HATE), Bobsled


Bobsled (Weeeeee)

0530 Pre-Run:

Surely there was pre-running festivities going on, but Bobsled did not partake.  F3 Rule #48, if you see Bobsled running, you better start running too.  Somebody’s probably after him.

0600 Welcome:  

Bobsled welcomed everyone to The Pit and F3 (Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith), recited the Mission Statement, Credo and 5 Core Principals.  There were no FNGs unfortunately.  Bobsled reminded everyone to modify as necessary as he is not a professional.  There is a real risk of injury.


Side Straddle Hops, 10 IC

Sun Gods, 10 fwd, 10 bk IC

Michael Phelps, 10 IC

Big Ones, 10 IC

Hamstring Stretch, 10 count ea hammy


Rotating/Circle Merkings (Cerkins? Rerkins?).  We circled up and did a merkin followed by a walking plank.  Rotated around our circle counterclockwise, then back clockwise.  Ended up being about 26 merkins.

Air Squats/Raise the Roof/ Moroccan Night Clubs to the song “Pump it up” by Endor.  Speed squats during the hook. Double time RTR or MNC to the beat.

The Thang:

Conditioning circuit (x7) with 30-45 sec mosey between circuits around the Duck Pond.

Shout Out all those that kept a vest on! #SarpySavage #SarpySwagger

20 Alt Front Lunge

20 Alt Reverse Lunge

20 Jump Squats

20 Mountain Climbers

20 Merkins

40 Air Squats

20 Side Straddle Hops

Sarpy Slammers around the circle clockwise and counterclockwise x4 = 28 Slammers

We had a no mental lapses and made it all the way to completion!  I didn’t have to make anybody run laps!

We had a minute or so left, so we squeezed in a set of 40 IC Flutter Kicks.

Omaha! Omaha!


Hartland Hope mission toy & clothing drive


Busser co-worker Jen lost husband Jamie to cancer ☹

Chernobyl buddy dad near end of time

High school athletes’ safety

COT: (Forgiveness = Freedom)

My beatdown playlist was all Kool & The Gang (my birth mom’s favorite band).  I was glad for the small group because this was an emotional COT for me.  However, a few additional PAX who were doing IPC came to listen in.  I am glad they did.  I’m lucky to have people care about me.  Thank you for allowing me to share. It’s very therapeutic.

I carried a lot of anger with me until my mid 20’s, because I thought my mom chose drugs, alcohol, and sex work instead of me.  If my own mom doesn’t love me, then who will?  Nobody I thought.  I became a ward of the state at age 5 and spent a couple years in foster care where I went through many types of abuse.  I was filled with rage and hate. I blamed my birth mom for everything.  I let everybody I came in contact with know my pain.  I was just a troubled kid, teen and young adult.

In my mid 20’s, I was able to obtain paperwork via the Nebraska Children’s Home Society stating that my birth mom had VOLUNTARILY given me up for adoption because she couldn’t provide what I needed as a parent.   Safety, security, food, shelter, etc.  She did WHAT? She didn’t abandon me?  She gave me a chance at the life I needed by letting me go?  I am forever grateful for that decision as it probably saved my life.  Very selfless of her to give me a chance, even if it wasn’t with her.  She gave birth to me a second time by giving me up for adoption!

It took a lot of time, support, counseling, Faith, loyalty, and love, but through forgiveness I was able to change my attitude and my life.  I let go of a lot of my ill will and feelings of abandonment towards my birth mom.  I didn’t have to carry that anger around no more.  Unfortunately, I never did get the chance to reconnect or talk to her.  She was the victim of a homicide in 1982.  It remains unsolved to this day.

Thank you, mom!  You saved my life.  For me, Forgiveness = Freedom

Aye!  Bobsled

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