May 11, 2023 Thursday 

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Q. Blades of Glory

23 Pax.  side dish, barn door, LiMu, Sargent pencil, spacebar, cadbury, crab cakes, copperfield, flavor savor, sasquash, goldberg, obi wan, slow clap, Mufasa, bench warmer, muffs, cradle, hoser, cheap seats, fdic,1 fng, 2 FNG

Weather:  amazing

Intro: 5 Core principles

Mission Statement, Moto, Modify cause I ain’t no professional.  

Warm a Rama:

SSH: 15 IC

5 Inch Worms with Merkin

10 Side Lunges IC

Yoga:  Down Dog stretch leg 


Blades announced we are headed to atlas street 

Pre  Pre Thang…


Bottom of the hill we did 10 burpees then ran to the top of hill and did 10 burpees.   

There were two dogs started barking at us at 5:37 in the morning.  So the owner came out and we said “hi” but I didn’t want to bother her again, so after one trip up atlas hill we moved to the guard rail off of F street.  

Guard Rail Thang

20 dips 

10 right leg up 

10 left leg up 

10 derkins

Run to another Hill by HWS Cleveland Blvd. Thang

10 merkins top of hill crab walk  down   10 merkins at bottom Then Bear crawl up to the top of the hill.  

Repeated series but with 15 air squats then finished with Side Straddle hop.  

Mufasa was like, didn’t you have music… Well thanks yes I did but left the speaker by the flags.  He was trying to say I was unorganized but actually this was all planned out to go this way so the joke is on him. 

Told the PAX to plank on the Hill where we did “Clock Merkins”… As in 12:00 we did 10 merkins, at 3 o’clock we did 10 merkins, blades did a 5 second count then Mufasa took over with 10 Merkins at 6:00 and 10 Merkins at 9:00.  

Next Thang was wheelbarrow or partner carry:

So from the speed bump on Hws Cleveland road to f street you had the option of…..

Wheel barrel

Partner carry 

Or lunge walk 

The pax did many different options but we all eventually made it to F street…  When the 6 made it in we ran back to the basketball court.

Basketball Court “Marry”

Box cutters 15 IC

Frozen Freddie’s .  15 IC

23 American Hammers IC

On our way to the flags we noticed Labrinth ran by and they decided to monkey humper us so again Mufasa went over to … I’m not sure what but ….do something…. 

Name o Rama 

2 FNG’s cheesy (due to being a Minnesota Vikings fan) 

Barbwire (due to his killer late 90’s tattoo that had barbwire around it

Announcement heartland hope this Saturday 5/13/23

Room service son.  Continued prayers. 

Bobsled Injury. 

Circle of Trust

Today I will get divorced, but more importantly I will hopefully start to seeing my kids.  It’s been way too long, (like 926 days).   Well I am not the same man I was when I started f3 that’s for sure.   I lost my core group of people I loved (M, 2.0, dog, friends, and even my dog), but found f3 omaha and it has been a huge part of where I am today and who I am today.   F3 Omaha Accepted me when the church abandoned me.  One chapter closes and another one starts today.   

FDIC took us out in Prayer

Coffee followed at Starbucks



Blades of glory.

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