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May 6, 2023 6:00 Am Saturday

Weather 65 degrees and a little humid.  


Q: Blades of Glory

14 PAX: Mr. Miyagi, Turtle Wax, T ball, Lincoln Log, Yodel, Fish oil, old dominion, Flinstone, Macanudo, Ketchup, Little Chef, Grease Fire, Obi Wan

5 Core Principles,  Mission, creed, not a professional, 


Jumping jacks

Imperial Walkers

Big One

Cherry Pickers


Do we need a football… well maybe.. It would be nice… Mr. Miyagi.. Can you go home and get one… Thanks…and he did…

Started running to the High School.  

At the top of the Hill, by the stop sign, we waited for the 6 and then did 20 Merkins…


Then continued run to the West Wall of the High School where we did some Wall work…


30 sec. wall sit

20 sec. one leg

20 sec. other leg

10 IC Michael jackson (wall sit with going up on your toes)

30 Sec b2w

20 shoulder tap

10 Yodel Mountain climber

30 sec. wall sit

20 sec. one leg

20 sec. other leg

10 IC Michael jackson (wall sit with going up on your toes)

Back to B2W 30 seconds 

20 Shoulder Tap (IC)

10 Yodel Mt. Climber (IC)

From there we went to the Football field to do the Thang…..

Gretna High School Practice Field…..

  1. 2 Groups…(divided the group)
  2. Explain.  Endzone to endzone Fast Run…
  3. Do the list of exercise on the sheet (Just #1 then Run to other side, do #1 on that list etc.)
  4. Explain Lunge Jump (22 each side)

List 1 (Arms)

  1. 15 burpees
  2. 30 T-merkins
  3. 45 shoulder tap (no IC)
  4. 60 mtn. climbers (no IC)

    List 2  (Legs)

  1. 15  burpee
  2. 30 jump squat
  3. 45  lunge jump (no IC)
  4. 60 calf raise (no IC)

Called Omaha and then it was time to play Ultimate Football 7 vs 7

One team completely dominated but all had fun and kept moving. 

Called Omaha 6:52

We picked up trash and made it back to the basketball court for American Hammers and then Name O rama.

Announcements… Forgot because didn’t type this up til a week later.

COT:   IT’s my Birthday turning 43, shared my 2 year journey with F3 and asked for prayer about the upcoming court date for divorce.

Blades of Glory

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