“I think that you and I would understand each other.”

Temp: 64° and Wet
Pax: 19 PAX: Rollbar, Gunner (RESPECT), T.C. (RESPECT), No Cry, Joe Buck (hate), Almost Famous, Merit Badge, Chinstrap (hate), Duckling (hate),
Walkabout, BetaMax, Wentworth, Ditty, Flying V, Asian Zing (RESPECT, RESPECT) (DR), Touché, Side Dish (hate), and Sputnick and U-Haul as your
[0700] The Opener (2min) Good Morning! Present the 3 F’s of F3, state the mission statement of F3, the 5 core principles, and the Credo of Leave
No man behind, but leave No man where you found him. NO FNGs. One DR from F3 Louisville who moved here! Disclaimer.
[0702] Mosey (6-8min) Warm-a-rama around the mall at various places.
12-Tappy Taps(IC)
12-Big Ones(IC)
15-Gas Pumpers(IC)
20-Sun Gods(IC)
20–CDD (D)
20-Incline Merkins(D)
10-Step ups(U)
Mosey to the Field for the-
[0710] Pre-Thang (6-8 min) 11’s with Sputnik
In the Main Field at Gene Leahy. Air Squats and Merkins.
[0720]The Thang (17 min) Slide and Grind
3 man grinder. 1 up at the top. 2 at the bottom. 3, Get up anyway you to the top any path or stairs you want to relieve 2 and 2 slide on down.
Station up there.
1st Cone Exercises
100 Monkey Humpers (IC)
100 Step ups (IC)
100 Incline Merkins (D)
100 Mountain Climbers (IC)
100 Dips (D)
100 Box Cutters (IC)
100 Big Boys (U)
2nd Cone Exercises
100 Jungle Man Squats (U)
100 Dying Cockroaches (IC)
100 Johnny Dramas (U)
100 Groiners (U)
100 Flutter Kicks (IC)
100 Werkins (D)
100 High Knees (IC)

[0738] Mosey to Post-Thank with Sputnik
Song that we did Monkey Humpers to UNTIL we heard the word “Dance” and then we performed a Jump Squat. There we no cars that interrupted
us this time.
[0746] Mosey to Cool down and MOM by the Flags
A few Broga stretches. 12 Charlies Angels (IC). 15 – Heel Touches (IC). 17 – American Hammers (IC), Rancid Style.
[0752] Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama. Announcements. Prayers.

You all know me by now and I usually learn a bit of text to share with you on this beautiful day, but I wasn’t able to get this one off this
page in one days turn around and I have been really excited to share this letter with you as I think it relevant to today’s events. It’s a
letter from October 16, 1883. It’s longer than I usually go but has a lot to share otherwise. …

Dear Theo,
I have such plans as I hardly dare tackle alone — you would very soon learn what they are, how they fit together. I’m mightily sensitive
(although I wish it were otherwise) to what’s said about my work, how I myself am received. If I encounter disbelief, stand alone, I lack a
certain something, and that blights me in many initiatives.
Now you would be just the person to understand it — I don’t in the least seek flattery, or that people should say ‘I think it beautiful’ when
they think it ugly; no, what I want is an intelligent honesty that isn’t vexed by failures. That would say to me if I had failed 6 times, just
as my courage failed me, now you really must try again for the 7th time.
You see, I can’t do without that push. And I think that you would understand it and I would benefit tremendously from you. And it’s
something that you would particularly be able to do, if you, yourself were obliged to do the same.
We would support each other, because for your part you’d also get that from me, and that’s something important. Two people must
believe in each other and feel that it’s possible and that it’s essential, in that way they’re almighty strong. They must keep each other’s
spirits up.
Well.. I think that you and I would understand each other. Love – Vincent.

I am constantly amazed at how brief and beautiful our time on earth is. Today is a special day. After a week of adjusting new and
exciting beatdowns. Joe Bucks Grad. These important Milestones in between. The path is not always easy or straight. But it’s worth it
because we can’t do it alone. I hope you find a way to keep moving forward, step by step, achieving and giving, So that when the time
comes, you can look back at your life and say not just “look at what I’ve done” but “look at who I did this with along the way.”
Aye, U-Haul and Sputnik.

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