5/5/23, 5:15am | The Farm | Springfield, NE| 60 degrees + 80% humidity

 “Fun Farm Fridays” 

# of PAX: 55                                                                    

QIC:  Skidz, Schrute, Ferdinand  

4:45am Pre-Run and Pre-Ruck

PAX:  Thirty? Or so Pax. Check Strava to find out who.

5:15am Beatdown

PAX:  Schrute, Pea Soup, Chernobyl, Ditty, 12 Gauge, KOA, Busser, Oscar, Amadeus, Black Tuesday, Truly, Dozer, Animal House, Razzle Dazzle, Tony the Tiger, Tater Tot, The Plague, JCMP, Beans, Ray Ban, Lo-Flow, Farva, ICB, Tenacious D, Fun Dip, Knobs, Mortar, Bayside, Escobar, Mulch, Retweet, Fritter, G-String, Half Court, Eh’, Truck Stop, Maaco, Knuckles, Eartag, Practice Squad, One Hit Wonder, Yogi, Swiper, Duracell, Sweet Roll, Levy, Double Dip, Feeny, Ferdinand, Sundance, Echo, Firewalker, Marciano, Supe, Skidz

Skidz welcomed the Pax promptly at 515am. 

Schrute opened to cover the 5 core principles of F3 as well as the credo.

1) Open to ALL men. 

2) Always Free.  

3) Always held outdoors.

4) Led in a rotating fashion.

5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT).  

 Skidz had the PAX number off 1 – 8.  This is the group you will stick with. 

 Skidz then stated that he does not know about any of your injuries and can barely keep track of his own so please modify if you need to on any movements as there is DEFINITELY A REAL RISK of injury with the silly stations we have for you today.

Skidz said LETS ROLL as we jogged down to the open area North of the old dirt track- the grass square is where we will spend our morning!

The jog was warmarama.

The Thang was 8 EPIC FARM stations in a large circle area rotating after every 3 minutes with 30 seconds to reset and read the next station’s instructions.

  • Tractor Push.  Push the tractor down to the cones on one side of the track.  Push the tractor back.  If you don’t push or want to do something different, try lunges or burpee ladders.
  • Pound ‘N Lasso.   Take turns pounding fence posts into the ground.  Take turns trying to lasso from 10’.  Make those with less successful lassos do penalty exercises.  Remove posts when done (Editing note: definitely did not remove when done, prompting a lengthy text exchange between Springfield OG TTT and Ferd and Skidz.  We are all good now though except Ferd still doesn’t give Skidz his eggs he is owed – ask Ferd.)
  • Grip’n Rippers.  Rotate through the 2 battle rope stations doing 20 IC battle rope movements each.  Rest of team AMRAP through Werkins, Dying Cockroaches, Bonnie Blairs, Dry Docks, and Heels2Heaven.

  • Slammin’ Rubber.  Split the team into 2 with each having 1 tire and 2 hammers.  1 man flips to next corner, next 2 man hammer 5-10 reps.  AMRAP.

  • Pig Slapper.  1 man attempts to climb the 15’ climbing rope to save Peppa.  Ring the bell to complete the challenge.  Rest of group planks.

  • My Little Pony. Pick your steed. Gallop around the course with your fellow PAX,  Winner makes loser do an exercise of his choosing.

  • Stack’n Straw. Divide your group into 2 teams. Take down the bales from one pyramid and use wheelbarrows or carry to other side of green space.  Restack.  Do a SuperSkidz plank if done 2x before time is up.

  • Gettin’ Wet. Take a full bucket of water in each hand, run the course to the fair wash stalls and back.  Do 2x.  Do one-eye monkey humpers until rotate.

We called Omaha, and since it was Cinco De Mayo, naturally had to have our FNGs take on a sombrero pinata. Joe (later named One Hit Wonder), was up first. He donned the Skidz approved stained underpants to cover his eyes, and readied himself.  Boy was it a crazy swing.  He cleaved the sombrero in half, broke 2/3 of the shooters inside, and instantly had him a naming.  Well done, One Hit Wonder.

We moseyed back up to the shovel flags for sarpy slammers – 55 farm hands were present.

We had 5 new FNGs named – Fritter, One Hit Wonder, Eh’, Practice Squad, and Knuckles.

Schrute started the COT and thanked the endless names of who has come before us and who came after and what has made the Farm great and his memories of the past year.  He then passed it to Skidz who thanked everyone for contributing gear for this beatdown, and made two promises to have a 445a Pre-Ruck each Friday, and ice cubes for that delicious but boiling hot Black Sheep Coffee.

Ferdinand took us out in prayer.

Aye – Skidz, Schrute, and Ferd

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