The Combine Backblast: Preparedness and The G3L

May 12, 2023|Aldrich Elementary School | AO – The Combine | 75° 

PAX [21]: Rubbermaid, Stripes, Wentworth, Home Alone, Pony Express, Bubbles, Cataracts, Hei Hei, Farva, Truly, DOA, Motorboat, Mrs. B, FNG (Papa Smurf), Jukebox, Kelso, Grip N’ Rip, Kill Switch, Skipper, Saul, The Plague

Q: The Plague 

The Plague welcomed the PAX to a beautiful morning at The Combine.

This is F3 – Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. F3 is a national network of free, peer-led workouts for men. Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.
Core principles:

  1. Are free of charge
  2. Are open to all men
  3. Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  4. Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
  5. End with a Circle of Trust

Disclaimer: The Plague is not a professional – PAX need to modify as necessary.

PAX moseyed around the track then midfield for WaR

Warm-A-Rama Superset

  • SSH – 20
  • Tappy Taps – 10 IC
  • Merkins/Groiners – 5, 10, 15

Pre-Thang –  Contra Burpees

PAX paired up and lined up at the first cone for Contra Burpees.

  • Start at first cone 5 single push-up burpees, broad jump to second cone 10 double push-up burpees, broad jump to third cone 15 triple pushup Burpees
  • Wheelbarrow back to the first cone
  • Rinse and repeat x 2

The Thang – HIIT Stations

PAX count off into 3s. Each station has a list of four exercises. We will do four rounds of exercise 60 seconds, rest 20 seconds. Then rotate stations.

Station 1

  • SSH
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Burpees
  • Mountain Climbers

Station 2

  • Bonnie Blair’s
  • LBCs
  • Jump Squats
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps

Station 3

  • Bobby Hurley’s
  • Heels to Heaven
  • Air Squats
  • Makhtar N’Diayes

PAX moseyed back to the shovel flags for a round of Rancid Hammers.


  • Announcements:
    • 5/18 – Iditarod Launch | Russel Middle School | 0530 | Site-Q Boji
    • 5/29 – Memorial Day Triple Murph | Multiple Locations
    • 6/3 – Brickbuilder Event at The Oracle
    • 6/12 – Wolf Den Launch | ENHS | 0515 | Site-Qs TSwift & Greenhouse
  • Prayers:
    • DOA’s brother Matthew, Room Service’s son Pete, Vlasic’s son
    • Saul & Hei Hei’s M’s Birthdays
    • All Mothers for Mother’s Day

Circle of Trust:

  • The Plague shared on Preparedness and G3L
    • YHC reflected on why the Q-Source is so important – the idea of preparedness and being ready for the unexpected events in life
    • Love is the accelerant of Preparedness
      • Each QPoint is a simple call to a difficult action that is designed to help the Q lay the Bricks necessary to form the Guardrails that will enable him to accelerate his G3L throughout his entire life. We call this process of Preparedness Bricklaying , and we know that it is not easy. It requires both the knowledge that change is required and the willingness to make it. While the former can be learned through Schooling (something every man is accustomed to doing), the latter requires a change of heart (something very few men do in the course of their lives).
      • Heart change requires passion, and by that we mean the willingness to suffer through the obstacles that always appear in the path of any Movement toward Advantage. Nothing good comes easily, nor should it, for it is what a man learns about himself during a difficult journey that makes him an Effective guide for those that come afterward. It is not the just the willingness to take the journey that makes a leader great, it is the quality of the map he draws along the way and his desire to share it with others for their Advantage.
      • For nothing a man attains in his life has any value whatsoever until the very moment that he freely gives it away. That is the moment he transitions from being merely a leader into being a great leader.
      • The Q’s commitment to Preparedness will only take him so far down the road to greatness. He could have the heart of a lion and still fail for lack of a critical ingredient, and that is love. If he does not love the people he leads more than he loves himself he cannot put their interests above his own. And that is what Preparedness is ultimately about–the Q’s willing readiness to answer the unexpected call to subordinate his personal benefit for the benefit of those who depend upon him.
      • Preparedness is built upon Bricks, but its impetus and accelerant is love. When all else falls away, it is only love that will remain.
    • Preparedness is more than just being physically ready for the challenges that lie ahead. It encompasses a holistic approach to life, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional preparedness. F3 teaches us that being prepared means being ready to face any obstacle that comes our way, both inside and outside the workout arena.
    • Physically, we push ourselves during these workouts to build strength, endurance, and resilience. We prepare our bodies to handle the demands of everyday life, but it doesn’t stop there. Our commitment to preparedness extends beyond the workout. It means taking care of our bodies through proper nutrition, rest, and recovery, so we can show up fully for ourselves, our families, and our communities.
    • Mental preparedness is equally important. F3 challenges us to sharpen our minds, to stay intellectually curious, and to seek knowledge that broadens our perspectives. By reading, engaging in meaningful conversations, and continuously learning, we equip ourselves with the mental fortitude to navigate the ever-changing world around us. It’s about being adaptable, open-minded, and ready to tackle any challenge that requires mental agility.
    • But preparedness is not solely about physical and mental aspects; it also extends to our emotional well-being. F3 emphasizes the importance of emotional preparedness, as our emotional health affects our relationships and overall happiness. It means being aware of our emotions, understanding how they impact our actions, and actively seeking emotional support when needed. By developing emotional intelligence and resilience, we are better equipped to handle the ups and downs of life, showing up as better partners, fathers, and friends.
    • Remember, the lessons we learn here in the F3 workout arena transcend the physical. They shape us into better versions of ourselves, enabling us to tackle any obstacle that life throws our way. Let’s give it our all today and carry the spirit of preparedness beyond this workout, making it an integral part of our daily lives.
    • Thank you, and let’s get after it!


The Plague

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