5/11/23, 5:30am | The Steel Mill | Papillion, NE| 58 degrees

# of PAX:  20

QIC:  G-String & Skidz  

5 am Pre-Run and Pre-Ruck

5:30 am Beatdown

PAX:  Bayside, Big Rig, Motorboat, Duracell, Chernobyl, Dozer, Levy, Mr Hanky, Maaco, Animal House, Beans, Milo, Amadeus, Pork Chop, Lily Pad, Rooney, Styx, Sweet Roll, G String, Skidz

G String welcomed the Pax promptly at 530am

G String covered the 5 core principles of F3 and the credo.

1) Open to ALL men. 

2) Always Free.  

3) Always held outdoors.

4) Led in a rotating fashion.

5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT).  

            Skidz asked if there were any FNGs and one hand raised. One of Rooney’s old coach/gym teachers coming back to sub.  The golf legend Ben Hogans great great great grandson.  He named himself Frog in NOR.   There is a trend of people trying to name themselves in NOR lately at Skidz Qs.  BE BETTER PAX, educate the FNGs!

Warm-o-rama: Skidz led us in some baby arm circles, tappy taps, and some big ones.  We moved onto the stations which we will do all together!  Bring the free weights on our string of pearls created by G String.

The Thang:

Station 1: Chicken Peckers, Overhead Press, G-Snaps (arm raises with weights to one side), Front Row.  Random reps, 17-34 for each set).

Station 2: Bent Over Row, Curls, Toilet Paper Rolls – Roll the Dumbells, see how far they roll.  Technique and strategy!  Reverse Fly, Maverick Merkins

Station 3: Bench, Chest Fly, Overhead Tri Extension, Tri Extension Behind.

Station 4: Deep Pulsing Poos (deep squats), Single Leg Squats, Dingleberries. (deep squat with short upright rows under your but between legs, actually quite a workout!), Johnny Dramas, Pulsing Lunges with mmmm each lunge.

Station 5: CORE: Groiners, Low Dollies, Big Boys, Commandos (plank but like arms machtars)

Ended with Sarpy Slammers!

FNG: Our FNG attempted to name himself Frog during NOR, so we gave him the name Lily Pad.

Announcements/Prayer Requests:   We have a brickbuilder coming up, see Stranglehold for deets.  Prayers announced and unannounced lifted up.

Someone has taken Skidz 15 lb free weights and left him with 10 lb free weights. Mrs Skidz is NOT happy. It is her birthday.

COT:  Skidz and G String rambled and finally got to a message about spending time where your purpose and passions collide which hopefully is your concentrica and your M and kids.


Skidz & G-String

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