Armory – May 11, 2023 – Boji



62 Degrees & overcast.  Humid/Muggy Conditions


22 PAX: Speed Bump, Old Spice, The Fridge, Steeple, Tardy, Vespa, Johnny 5, Yodel, Bogey, Q-Tip, Chicken Hawk, Slow Clap, Flowers, JumpStreet, T-Swift, Back Country, Ozark, Flannigan, Tonight Show, Boji


QIC: Boji


5:30am: Boji welcomed the other 121PAX to F3 & The Armory. He began by stating the F3 Mission Statement, 5 Core Principals, & credo. He let everyone know that he was not a professional and to modify as necessary.  We had no FNG’s this morning.  


We began the morning activities with a mosey to the school parking lot for Warm-O-Rama


• 20 Sun Gods IC (10 Front & 10 Back) 

• 6 Big Ones (3 on each side, slow count)

• 10 Tappy Taps (IC)

• 10 Cherry Pickers (IC)

• 10 Michael Phelps (IC)


Pre Thang: 2 Minutes of Merkins: Each PAX was encouraged to AMRAP as many Merkins as they could in a 2-minute period. Proof that 2 minutes is a long time no matter what others may think.


The PAX them moseyed to the track/football field for The Thang:


The Thang – 2 Station Beatdown


The PAX counted off into two (2) groups.  There were stations set up on the north and south side of the track.  Group 1 moseyed to the south side of the track as group 2 moseyed to the north side of the track.  


Each station had a set of exercises on it.  The PAX would complete the first set of exercises and then mosey on the track to do the same.  The PAX would continue this going thru the list of exercises until Omaha was called. 


Following are the exercises that were at each station:


• Station #1

o 40 Air Squats

o 30 Groiners

o 20 Alternating Shoulder Taps (IC)

o 10 Burpees



• Station #2

o 40 Big Boys

o 30 Heels to Heaven

o 20 LBC’s (IC)

o 10 Burpees

Omaha was called just after each group was able to complete one set of 10-burpees.  For the record, many of the PAX lobbied heavily that Omaha was called before the burpees, Boji denied this request. 


Omaha was called at 6:02am.  We grabbed the lights andmoseyed back to the shovel flags


Mary: Boji called on Pax to get on their six for Mary:


• Boji called on Vespa for his favorite core.  We ended up with 15 LBC’s in cadence. 




Naming (2) FNG’s:

• Walkie Talkie

• Lost


Announcements / Prayer Requests

• New site launching in June @ Elkhorn North High School.  Monday site, will be a boot camp style workout.

• Iditarod launch coming up Thursday 5/18 @ 5:30am

• Prayers requested for Steeple’s aunt and Room Service’s family



Time is one thing that there is not enough to go around.  I struggle with this as my parents are aging, my in-laws are aging and the demands of work and my son’s activities.  I feel guilty for not being able to spend as much time with people that I care about as I should, but I can only be in one place at a time.  I have committed to the mindset that the most important people in my life are those in my Concentrica and that is where my time needs to be focused.  They are my number one responsibility.  I encouraged everyone to examine where they are spending their time and make sure it is spent where they can be most impactful.  Remember to be where your feet are.  


Boji led us out in Prayer.


Thanks for the support this morning.  It was an honor to lead the PAX at The Armory!  Shout out to Yodel for the opportunity to lead this group. 




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